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Duruakbolat : I will

Duruakbolat : I will tell my experience about Erasmus+ project.We spent 5 days with Italian,Greek and Lithuanian students and teachers.My guest is an Italian girl,her name is Chiara.We had a strong connection.She is very cute and friendly.She stayed in my house.She met my parents.We became very close friends in no time.We went to Eğirdir and Antalya together.She was not my only friend,we became friends with the other students from the other countries.It was a week full of adventure and excitement. Duru Akbolat from Turkey(Italy group) DURU AKBOLAT

Furkangürdal. Erasmus project is very wonderful for me because this project brings different peoples together my friend came on sunday evening I immediately offered him something that was special to us.lets eat pide?i think you like pide.we started talking about food,we set survivor.Let’s bee serious now.I met other friends the next day.they are all good people for me.and with them we made our first trip to the museum.There were carpets and rugs in the museum.important to learn about the country.Also you can learn new information by talking to people then we went to Eğirdir I think they saw madrasa in eğirdir for the first time we had the opportunity to roam there and finally we went to the most beautiful place Antalya.I think Antalya was the best.We had a lot of fun in the bus and outside.Antalya is bigger than Isparta so it was more fun.The time passed fast we do not want it to finish but there is nothing to do we ate a farewell dinner.i will never forget it I will not forget my friends I love you all see you again FURKAN GURDAL

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