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Wanted Big Bad Single Dad

But since there’s no

But since there’s no pretty mouth waiting to wake me up with a morning blow today, I settle with how the rest of the country usually starts their day. That means I’m waiting for my saving grace, my life-link. The reason I keep on going. My coffee. Yes, it’s caffeine and not blood that runs through my veins. It’s my drug, the way I get supercharged and pumped for another exciting day at the office. I’m right in the middle of entering my site password when my fancy-ass coffee machine beeps, music to my fucking ears. My coffee is ready, and as I pour myself a refreshing mug, I relish in the smell of that French roast filling my nostrils like fucking perfection. I take a moment to space out and savor the first few sips of the sustenance that gives me life before I chain myself back to my desk, ready to belt out some work in my new supercharged state of mind. That’s when my mind drifts to Ben—my son. I miss the little guy like crazy, but he’s in the best place he can be right now. At the premier boarding school in the country. Ever since my wife died three years ago, we both really had a hard time. I work too fucking hard to be both a mother and a father to him, so after a lot of consideration, I decided to send him to the same prestigious school I attended. One day—maybe—I’ll be ready to settle down again for real. But only once I find the woman who can handle the two of us. However, that’s the furthest thing from my mind right now. No woman has been able to hold up to my standards so far. I need someone who can keep up with me in every way. Ambitious, brilliant, sexy as hell—and a good mom. Yeah, you can see why my short list has yet to even have a name on it. I sigh, and down the rest of my coffee, then fill my mug up again. No time to get lost in these depressing thoughts today. Time to get back to work. The jolt of caffeine hits me just in time. I’m ready to get started. I’m not going to lie―Ms. Winters is the shit. I’m talking the real deal. Yes, I’m fucking damn proud of the alter ego that stemmed straight from my imagination. She’s elusive and sought after, my pride and joy. I continuously develop her character and charming poise, which is why I think it keeps the big money dudes coming—and cumming.

Those filthy rich men just want to witness what other outlandish amazing shit I can root up from my good ole’ noggin. Not to brag, but Ms. Winters brings in the most revenue out of any other alter ego on the site, and I’m fucking proud of that fact. I’m untouchable. Watch anybody try to get on my level, and they’ll undoubtedly fail to reach my potential. The other billionaires of the world are her fresh and prime target, and you better fucking believe I shoot those darts with the aim to hit the bull’s eye every fucking time. Because, seriously, who could ever be better at knowing how to bring a billionaire to his knees than another alpha billionaire? That’s fucking right. No one. Let me guess…you want to know all about Ms. Winters, don’t you? Well, let me appease you by giving you a slice of heaven on a platter. Ms. Winters is cool and sexy, fun and adventurous. She’s got long, golden blonde hair and huge, beautiful blue eyes the color of the Caribbean waters. Yep, her eyes are a token trademark. She’s tan and slender, but muscular at the same time, with perfect legs that guys want wrapped around their waists. Ms. Winters doesn’t buy into hype or bullshit, but if you’re ready to get naughty and play the game, you bet your ass she’s going to be there front and center playing her cards right. She’s the kind of girl who will let you cry on her shoulder (if you need that), but she’s also fun-loving enough that if you decide to go to Vegas on a whim, she’ll meet you at the airport with a bag she’s already pre-packed. That’s what makes her so appealing to the men who get lured in. She’s up for anything, scared of nothing. Challenge is child’s play to her. I take another sip of my delicious coffee and squint at the screen, ready to dive right in to an engaging conversation with another idiot with an overstuffed wallet. Except there’s another name that catches my eyes. Another client. His name is Mr. BadBoy. What the fuck?

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