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OMG, another Ponzi

OMG, another Ponzi Pyramid... No, not a Ponzi or Pyramid but an Ethical Network! Ponzi was a man who defrauded shareholders of his company by claiming their investment was used for profit generation. They were not. Ponzi pocketed their investments. Sprout 22 is not corporate Ponzi fraud! Sprout 22 makes no untrue claims and is open and honest about exactly what happens to your contribution. Pyramids of one shape or another are used for network marketing and network games. Sprout 22 uses an open network structure with some similarities to Pyramids. The structure used is not a 'binary pyramid' or a pyramid of any fixed structure. The Sprout 22 structure is similar to the open structure of your computers file system. Sprout 22 evolved from networking R&D, using sophisticated computer simulations, seeking a perfect networking formula. One of the biggest problems with networks and pyramids is their uneven distribution. Networks have a native tendency to strongly focus distribution to their centre (or top of pyramids). This "Network Effect" affects many aspects of networking, including: Large number of people required to break even The long time taken to recruit those people The long time taken to realise surplus A paucity of funding near the network boundary This affects funding available to recruiters Unethical, heavily skewed distribution All networking structures investigated exhibit these symptoms. Our R&D investigated a wide range of methods to balance the Network Effect and found that a recursive fraction of remainder was a promising avenue. The 22% of remainder recursive formula has emerged from extensive R&D that discovered that 22% is a 'sweet spot' for balancing the Network Effect. Plus the first 33.33% slice has the additional benefit of ensuring that break-even is achieved with only 3 people brought to the network, unheard of in ANY network.

The Sprout 22 Formula uniquely balances the Network Effect: The Sprout 22 Formula creates an ethical distribution. The graph clearly shows the strong bias toward the network boundary, the opposite of other networks. From the perspective of "Pyramid", while structurally a form of pyramid (open network) exists, from the distribution formula standpoint that structure is used to "support and enhance the foundations". It effectively turns the pyramid upside down... The net outcome is a balancing of distribution in such a way that favours the network boundary, the recruiters, and to minimise the recruitment required. The 22% of remainder formula achieves this fine balance, plus ensuring that the growing network still rewards those nearer the centre (or top), thereby creating an 'ethical' network. It was this discovery that led to the development of Sprout 22 , a truly Ethical Network.

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