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DON'T PUBLICIZE BANKS THAT BANKROLL JAILS Bank of America — Phoenix Pride’s main sponsor — loans out millions of dollars to keep Arizona’s deadly immigrant detention centers in business.* Since 2013, 15 people have died in custody at Eloy Detention Center, and trans folks locked up there are routinely misgendered and targeted for sexual assault.** We need to shut Eloy down, not publicize its financiers! #nojusticenopride #pridetothepeople *Search for In The Public Interest’s Nov 2016 report, “The Banks That Finance Private Prison Companies” **Look up Fusion’s investigation “Why Did the US Lock Up These Women with Men?”

NO FLOATS FOR COPS THAT KILL US The Phoenix Police Department has killed 11 people in the first months of 2018, maintaining its place as the second deadliest police force in the US. PPD profiles and criminalizes trans women of color,* yet Phoenix Pride lets them march in the Parade and patrol the festival’s streets. We need to end police violence, not endorse it! #nojusticenopride #pridetothepeople *Check out the ACLU’s blog post “Arrested for Walking While Trans: An Interview with Monica Jones”

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