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NO FLOATS FOR SHERIFFS THAT DEPORT US Maricopa County’s Sheriff Paul Penzone marches in the Pride Parade, announcing himself as a hero of change. The truth is that Penzone upholds Arpaio’s reign of terror and champions Trump’s deportation machine. We want ICE out of county jails and an end to police-ICE collaboration, not a parade that glorifies them! #nojusticenopride #pridetothepeople

IF POLITICIANS SHOW UP TO THE PARTY, SHOW UP FOR THE STRUGGLE, TOO Politicians come to Pride to get rainbow cred and shore up votes, but after the photo op, they go back to their offices and maintain the status quo. We need laws to end the over-policing, detention and deportation of our people and policies that put resources toward the well-being of LGBTQ+ people of color. #nojusticenopride #pridetothepeople

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