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Amrex® stim ■ single

Amrex® stim ■ single channel ■ LV AC current with surge, tetanize and pulse modes MS/322 AC low volt Amrex ® LVG/325A DC low volt ■ single channel ■ LV DC galvanic current ■ iontophoresis/ phonophoresis stim units ■ adjustable surge and alternating polarity surge rates ■ normal or reverse polarity ■ dual channel ■ LV AC current with surge, tetanize, reciprocal and pulse modes MS/324 low volt ■ MS324AB has battery for use when AC not used treatment modalities 13-3120 1 MS322 13-3121 LVG325A 13-3123 MS324A 13-3124 MS324AB HV/752 DC high volt MS/324C low volt MS/401B AC low volt ■ dual channel ■ independent meters ■ HV DC current with surge, tetanize, reciprocal and pulse modes ■ reciprocal and surge modes ramped ■ bi-polar application ■ dual channel ■ LV AC current with surge, tetanize, reciprocal and pulse modes ■ 110/220V 50/60 Hz power system ■ quad channel ■ bi/mono phasic stimulation ■ LV AC current with surge and reciprocal modes 13-3133 HV/752 13-3125 MS324C 13-3126 MS401B Spectrum MC-1 Z-Stim IF150 interferential Z-Stim IF250 interferential ■ single channel MC1 micro-current stimulator provides easy to use treatment protocol ■ intensity (20-1000 mA), frequency (0.5 – 620 MHz) and polarity are variable ■ used with pads or probe (both included) ■ use AC power or battery pack ■ dual channel ■ 6 pre-modulated frequency ranges and 6 continuous frequency selections ■ dual channel ■ Quad-Polar, Bi-Polar and Russian modalities ■ frequency, time and milliamp digital displays 13-3171 MC-1 13-3180 IF150 13-3181 IF250 Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 131

traction devices HipTrac ® hip traction ■ use for hip osteoarthritis, FAI/labral pathology, joint stiffness, pain or muscle tightness ■ use in patients’ home without assistance of a second person ■ use in a clinic to prepare patient for joint and soft mobilization ■ reduce pain and increase mobility to improve exercise compliance and performance ■ adjustable ankle binding 50-0920 HipTrac HipTrac Posture-Pro cervical traction pro 1000 cervical disc hydrator pro 2000 lumbar elliptical back rocker pro 2500 Penta Vec treatment modalities ■ up/down motion promotes disc lubrication/joint nutrition ■ portable, easy to operate 50-1040 Posture Pro 1000 cervical disc hydrator 50-1041 Posture Pro 2000 lumbar elliptical back rocker 50-1042 Posture Pro 2500 Penta Vec 50-1045 Posture Pro 4100 full spine combo pro 4100 full spine combo Pronex ® pneumatic cervical traction ■ even distraction in the anterior and posterior cervical discs ■ patient controls the amount of traction applied ■ squeezing an inflator bulb increases the pressure, release knob gently reduces the pressure Pronex ® cervical traction 50-1050 regular (14"-16" neck) 50-1051 large (16"-18" neck) 50-1052 wide (18"+ neck) 132 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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