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pivotal therapy system A

pivotal therapy system A B C D E ■ use individually to address specific problems or together to treat the entire spine Occipivot (A) Promotes the release of the intrinsic/extrinsic muscles of the cervical spine. Treat tension and stress syndromes, headaches, TMJ, cervical syndrome and tension at base of skull. Cervical pivot point (B) Promotes self-release for sternocleidomastoid, upper trapezius and 1st ribs. Use as substitute for gentle cervical traction and as a self-mobilization and strengthening tool. Short Thoracic Pivot (C) Use in combination with cervical (B) and lumbar (E) pivots, for craniosacral self treatment, as a sacral wedge for mobilization, as a rib release tool and for sternal and anterior rib mobilization. Standard Thoracic Pivot (D) Ideal posture re-training tool for patients with forward head/kyphosis slumping.treat lower thoracic/upper lumbar dysfunction use anterior release techniques or specific rib-release techniques. Lumbar Pivot (E) Promote correct lordosis for static positioning or pivot in figure-eight along with bi-directional pelvic tilts. Add a sandbag to lower the abdomen for additional extension, self mobilization, and strengthening exercises for the abdomen. A 00-4502 occipivot B 00-4504 cervical C 00-4506 short thoracic D 00-4508 standard thoracic E 00-4510 standard lumbar 00-4500 5-piece set (includes A-E) Chattanooga® clinical traction accessories Saunders ® cervical traction system ■ pulls at base of the occiput for cervical traction ■ performs horizontal traction ■ clevis included, choose from list below when ordering Saunders cervical unit 00-7040K traction device clevis choices 06-2449 TX/Triton mobile stand (prior to 2006) 04-8038 TX/Triton (after 2006) 06-2596 Triton (prior to 2006) 06-2587 Tru-Trac 02-0575 Midland deluxe universal belt traction package ■ for pelvic or lumber traction application has thoracic restraint, pelvic belt, 2 restraining straps, 2 cervical pillows and spreader bar A C D B treatment modalities mobilization wedge ■ ideal tool for testing, mobilization and manipulation of the spine 00-4885 mobilization wedge 7”L x 4”W complete accessory package 00-1440 deluxe package components A 00-1433 B 00-1301 B 00-1341 C 06-0030 HD pelvic package TX pillow (ea) pillow case (ea) 17" spreader bar HD pelvic package components D 00-1432 2 thoracic straps Pron-Pillo ® face cradle pillow knee bolster hi-lo flexion stool ■ provides maximum patient comfort when lying in the prone position ■ elevated base and nose cutout allow patient to breathe freely 00-4206 pron-pillo ® Fabrication Enterprises Website ■ enhance patients’ positioning during traction therapy ■ knee bolster measures 10" x 10" x 12" ■ set of 2; black only 04-2901 knee bolster (2 ea) Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 ■ adjustable height (13-20") feature allows therapist to place lumbar spine into neutral or flexed position for patient comfort during lumbar traction ■ specify color from page 136 00-7050 flexion stool E-Mail 135

traction treatment modalities ■ can be used as a mobility table traction table f 00-8038 dove gray f 00-8040 forest green f 00-8042 black f 00-8025 imperial blue f 00-8036 burgundy f 00-8045 taupe 136 Chattanooga Traction ■ programmable DTS pull patterns with variable speed control ■ isolation of all phases of pull with independent timing for pretension, progression, traction and regression ■ programmable pretension prior to initiation of traction therapy ■ memory storage for 80 user-defined protocols ■ static, intermittent and cyclic traction options ■ digital high resolution color touch screen interface that pivots 270 degrees with clinical graphic library includes anatomical images, common pathologies and detailed belting technique tutorial ■ patient data cards record relevant treatment data such as patient treatment sessions Triton DTS ■ basic accessory package includes DTS unit, QuickWrap belt system and bolsters ■ advanced accessory package includes above plus Saunders (minimum advertised cervical traction unit price applies) traction table accessories for DTS Traction Unit f 00-2841 Triton DTS traction unit 00-2825 QuickWrap DTS belt system f 00-8245 Triton DTS basic accessory package 00-4766 Triton DTS EMG module f 00-8250 Triton DTS advance accessory package TRT 600-Triton DTS ® traction table ■ gas spring assist on friction-free moveable sections for easy positioning ■ lockable smooth-gliding casters ■ accessible controls for patient positioning ■ grab bar tucks away ■ wide cushions for improved patient comfort ■ adjustable table height from 20"-40" (51 cm-102 cm) ■ inclines pelvis from 0° to 20°, providing patient comfort in prone and supine positions ■ repositionable head section tilts 35° f TRT600 TRT 600-Triton DTS ® table Saunders 3-D ActiveTrac ® ■ adjusts in 3 dimensions: flexion/extension, lateral bending color options for Saunders and rotation 3-D ActiveTrac ® ■ tailored therapy ■ table accommodates the pain posture of the patient ■ cross between manual therapy and mechanical traction ■ flexible treatment ■ incorporates rotation Triton DTS ® traction unit imperial blue burgundy taupe dove gray forest green black accessories for Saunders 3-D ActiveTrac ® 08-3304 thoracic harness 08-3305 pelvic harness 08-3307 slim-line stabilization belt Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 QuickWrap belt system shown with advanced accessory package Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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