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2 year w a r r a n t y Chattanooga ® continuous passive motion (CPM) OptiFlex-K1 knee OptiFlex-K1 offers 3 unique hand controllers capable of matching the K1's performance settings precisely to the specific needs of the patient. This assures that the patient will receive the right therapy treatment. treatment modalities features: ■ weighs just 23 lb ■ only 38" (97 cm) long ■ wide low-profile, closed-base frame for stability ■ faster motor than the K3 ■ accommodates patients 4.0 - 6.6 ft (1.2 - 2 m) ■ reversible footplate for short leg length ■ on-board power supply, ROM: -10° to 120° knee CPM unit 00-2025 CPM with classic hand control 00-2026 CPM with standard hand control 00-2028 CPM with comfort hand control hand control only 03-7413 classic hand control only 03-7411 standard hand control only 03-7412 comfort hand control only patient kits 02-0533 OptiFlex ® patient kit 01-1432 Breg patient kit straps 04-0128 OptiFlex ® 34" strap kit Classic Standard Comfort Classic Standard Comfort Key lock function Pauses Speed Timer Reverse on load Warm up protocol Default setting Transport setting Chip card selectable Special Functions EROM repeat Stretch protocols Workout protocol Comfort protocol Therapy documentation OptiFlex ® knee CPM trolley ■ hi-lo knee CPM trolley with multifunctioned trolley design ■ easy storage and transportation ■ allows for proper CPM positioning ■ adjustable height from 18¼" to 28" positioning trolley 00-4520 hi-lo knee trolley pictured with OptiFlex3 ® Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 139

Kinetec ® continuous passive motion (CPM) Breva ankle Maestra ® portable hand Maestra ® hand/wrist ■ provides anatomically correct motion in two planes ■ offers plantar flexion, dorsiflexion, and inversion and eversion patterns ■ quick and easy set up and changeovers ■ designed for use in a chair or bed 13-1072 Breva ankle CPM ■ short set-up time by incorporating a low profile rigid splint ■ ROM: 15° hyperextension to 270° flexion (composite fist) ■ lightweight and easy to operate ■ anatomically shaped drive bar enhances abduction and adduction ■ up to 15 minutes of pause at extension and flexion allows for a controlled stretch and rest period ■ convenient display of angle 13-1165 Maestra ® hand CPM ■ ROM: ■ fingers: ▪ 45° hyperextension ▪ 27° flexion (full list) ■ thumb: ▪ full opposition ■ wrist: ▪ -50° extension, ▪ -90° flexion ▪ -90° pronation ▪ -90° supination 13-1168 Maestra ® hand/wrist CPM treatment modalities 140 Centura and 6080 elbow ■ provides anatomically correct elbow extension/flexion in an abducted position ■ quick and easy change-over from an existing shoulder pattern ■ ROM: extension 10°, flexion 135° ■ extension with fixed, adjustable pronation/ supination in an abducted, rotated plane 6080 elbow CPM Centura 13-1155 Centura elbow (CEM) 13-1158 Centura patient kit 6060 elbow CPM 13-1074 6080 elbow 13-1078 6080 patient pad Centura shoulder ■ helps prevent joint stiffness, soft tissue contractures, atrophy ■ patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and quick with a color-coded set-up system ■ easy change for left or right ■ breaks down for convenient transportation ■ includes carrying case (for detachable parts), pad kit and a reusable chair cover 13-1157 Centura shoulder CPM 13-1151 replacement patient pad kit 13-1153 disposable chair cover Website shoulder bed/wheelchair ■ helps prevent joint stiffness, soft tissue contractures, atrophy ■ patient set-up is anatomical, comfortable and quick with a colorcoded set-up system ■ easy change for left or right ■ use while the patient lies in bed or sits in a wheelchair ■ programming through the hand control allows for extension/flexion movements ■ breaks down for convenient transportation ■ ROM: arm in full extension: 0°-110° ■ elbow flexed 90°: 30°-110° 13-1156 Centura bed/wheelchair 13-1161 patient kit Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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