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Sroufe ® sof-seam knee

Sroufe ® sof-seam knee support ■ sof-seam neoprene sleeve - in 3mm and 4mm; provides compression, comfort and warmth ■ provides stability while letting the patient maintain daily activities ■ royal blue nylon inner lining reduces skin irritation; black nylon exterior for easy cleaning ■ fits both right and left knee ■ sizing measurement taken around patella ■ 3mm neoprene support for sprains, strains, reduction of edema and arthritis of knee joint size 24-2600 small 12-14" 24-2601 medium 14-16" 24-2602 large 16-18" 24-2603 x-large 18-20" 24-2604 xx-large 20-22" supports and helmets Skillbuilders ® protective helmets ■ washable soft-top helmet protects front, back and side of the head ■ protects people with special needs from the dangers of physical activity, potential strike hazards (floor, wall, furniture, etc.) ■ filled with shock absorbent foam material ■ adjustable velcro chin-strap keeps helmet in place 32-2200 x-small 17½-18½" 32-2201 small 19-20" 32-2202 medium 20½-21½" 32-2203 large 22-23" 32-2204 x-large 23½-24½" treatment modalities ■ eliminates stress on an injury and speeds healing ■ bladder can be inflated to support a comfortable and secure fit and to provide compression to reduce swelling and edema ■ chill bladder gel for cold and compression therapy ■ lightweight fabric foam cover; fabric lined for increased comfort ■ adjustable hook and loop lock straps tennis elbow support A 24-4541 tennis elbow; universal design wrist wrap support B 24-4540 L/R wrist wrap; specify: left (L) or right (R) Sroufe ® wrist and elbow supports with PneuGel ® bladder Sroufe ® support, splint and spica A B 7" elastic wrist support 8" soft wrist splint 8" splint with abducted thumb universal thumb spica ■ maintains the wrist in a neutral position ■ cotton/ elastic latex-free ■ hook and loop closures ■ specify left (L) or right (R) 24-4550 L/R x-small 24-4551 L/R small 24-4552 L/R medium 24-4553 L/R large 24-4554 L/R x-large ■ low on the palmar area allows for full finger movement ■ wide thumb hole ■ hook and loop closure ■ specify left (L) or right (R) 24-4570 L/R x-small 24-4571 L/R small 24-4572 L/R medium 24-4573 L/R large 24-4574 L/R x-large ■ low on the palmar area allows for full finger movement ■ provides added thumb immobilization ■ hook and loop closures ■ specify left (L) or right (R) 24-4575 L/R x-small 24-4576 L/R small 24-4577 L/R medium 24-4578 L/R large 24-4579 L/R x-large ■ compression foam thumb with elastic straps ■ hook and loop closures ■ universal sizing 24-4545 thumb spica Sroufe ® size chart x-small: 5-6½" small: 6-7" medium: 6½-8" large: 7-9" x-large: 8½ - 10" Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 149

aces and supports AirCast ® Care Kits Air-Stirrup ® Universe Care Kit ■ designed as the complete system for functional management of ankle sprain ■ kit includes: Air-Stirrup ® Universe ankle brace, ankle wrap, cold pack, exercise band and DVD including instructions and exercises 24-2770 Air-Stirrup ® Universe Care Kit ■ designed for acute ankle injury, post-op use, ankle sprains and chronic instability ■ kit includes: Air-Stirrup ® ankle brace, ankle wrap, cold pack, exercise band and DVD including instructions and exercises 24-2721 L/R small 24-2722 L/R medium 24-2723 L/R large Air-Stirrup ® Universe Care Kit EZElbow Healing System Compression alone does not fix tennis elbow pain ■ treatment system designed specifically to treat tennis elbow pain ■ universal sized elbow strap with interchangeable ice, heat and acupressure therapy ■ functional compression platform (strap) integrates treatments. Go from heat to ice to acupressure in seconds. ■ use during activities to prevent further injury or as a therapy system to easily and effectively treat symptoms from elbow tendinitis ■ system maximizes blood flow to the tendons in the elbow for accelerated healing treatment modalities EZElbow Compression Strap Kit ■ includes compression strap with built in treatment pocket, reusable instant ice pack, reusable instant heat pack and spikeplate acupressure therapy plate EZElbow Pro - Tennis Elbow Healing System ■ Xtensor ® strengthens hands and forearms so they can better absorb the stress placed on them during repetitive activities ■ includes: compression strap with built in treatment pocket, Xtensor ® reverse grip strengthener, 2 reusable instant ice packs, 1 reusable instant heat pack and 1 spikeplate acupressure therapy plate 50-5550 EZElbow Compression Strap Kit 50-5551 EZElbow compression arm band 50-5553-1 cold pack for EZElbow arm band 50-5554-1 instant hot pack for EZElbow arm band replacement parts 50-5560 EZElbow Pro 50-5552-2 spikeplates, 1 pair 50-5552-20 spikeplates, 10 pair 10-0960B The Xtensor ® hand exerciser kit 150 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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