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Forma Splint splint pans

Forma Splint splint pans and supports splint pan - large splint pan - medium splint pan - small treatment modalities ■ interior dim: 24½" x 18½" x 5" ■ dual thermostatic controls (175°F high and 160°F low) ■ insulated lid max sheet 24-4090 SP-1501 24" x 18" ■ interior dim: 19½" x 11⅞" x 4½" ■ dual thermostatic controls (190°F high and 150°F low) ■ insulated lid max sheet 24-4091 SP-1502 19" x 11" ■ interior dim: 16" x 10½" x 5 3 /16" ■ durable stainless steel construction ■ fast heat-up time max sheet 24-4094 LS-1 splint pan 16" x 10" ■ adjustable splint hand/wrist/thumb ■ hand/wrist; side wings prevent ulna and radial deviation ■ hand/thumb; supports the thumb without stressing the web space between index finger and thumb Comfy splints hand/thumb C-Grip hand ■ supports the wrist and uses soft rolls to gradually encourage finger extension ■ includes 2 graduated finger rolls hand/wrist 24-3096 adult small 24-3090 adult medium 24-3093 adult large 24-3099 pediatric small 24-3102 pediatric medium 24-3105 pediatric large ■ soft fleece-lined cover whisks away moisture ■ adjustable toe post relieves pressure on the toes and accommodates foot sizes ■ ambulating boot has a rubber sole with non-slip surface for walking boot 24-2295 adult 24-2296 pediatric hand/wrist boots elbow ■ immobilize joints to rest tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles to maintain a certain bone alignment ■ substitute lost muscle function hand/thumb 24-3113 adult small 24-3110 adult medium 24-3116 adult large 24-3119 pediatric small 24-3122 pediatric medium 24-3125 pediatric large ambulating boot 24-2298 adult 24-2299 pediatric ambulating boot boot left hand 24-3040L adult small 24-3041L adult medium 24-3042L adult large ■ soft cushion between fingers protects and prevents pressure areas between the PIP and DIP joints of adjoining digits ■ ambidextrous finger separator ■ can also be faced downwards to prevent hyperextension 24-3131 adult small 24-3130 adult medium right hand 24-3040R adult small 24-3041R adult medium 24-3042R adult large spring loaded goniometer knee ■ prevent unwanted motion ■ gradually stretch contracture to increase range to joint motion 24-3132 pediatric small 24-3133 pediatric medium 24-3134 pediatric large ■ stabilize (immobilize) joints to rest joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles or maintain a certain bone alignment 24-3202 adult small 24-3200 adult medium Fabrication Enterprises 24-3204 pediatric small 24-3206 pediatric medium 24-3208 pediatric large Website 24-3292 adult small 24-3290 adult medium Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 24-3299 pediatric small 24-3294 pediatric medium 24-3296 pediatric large E-Mail 151

iofeedback GSR (galvanic skin response) biofeedback ■ readings can be taken with the fingertip pads on the module or two electrodes placed on any body part ■ includes earphone for audible feedback ■ visual feedback meter and temperature module sold separately 15-4266 GSR monitor 15-4267 visual feedback monitor 15-4268 Temp 2X module (right) The Monitor pressure biofeedback ■ use to measure exercise performance and muscle testing ■ helps determine if the patient is able to selectively isolate and maintain contractions of the cervical or lumbar-pelvic core stabilization muscles ■ measuring range is 0-200 mmHg pressure ■ enhance home exercise program ■ includes display gauge, inflatable pressure cell and instruction booklet 13-1520 the Monitor NEW ■ provides valuable information to ensure quality and precision in exercise performance and muscle testing ■ complete with display gauge, pressure cell and instruction booklet 00-9296 Stabilizer Stabilizer pressure biofeedback treatment modalities surface EMG biofeedback system ■ includes highly sensitive Myoscan active sensor (electrodes sold separately) ■ single channel surface sEMG system allows freedom of movement ■ three sensitivity ranges for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation or relaxation therapy ■ two modes of accurate biofeedback: LED and 5-way tone ■ 5-way tone feedback includes: proportional, above and below threshold and 4-second delayed alarm ■ 13-segment LED bargraph offers precise visual feedback ■ wide and narrow band filters provide precise monitoring of normal and fatiguing muscles and eliminates heart-beat artifact ■ 0-2 V DC output permits monitoring sEMG A 13-1442 sEMG unit, with Myoscan active sensor A sEMG electrodes B 12-0052 triode electrode with triangular configuration; 2cm spacing Ag-AgCl electrode backed with nickel plated brass snaps; 100 ea C 12-0054 pre-gelled electrode for placement on sensitive, dry skin; 100 ea accessories 12-0051 18" shielded, low noise extender cable for use with 12-0054 B C 152 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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