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Point Relief ® mini

Point Relief ® mini massager includes 4 massage tips ■ comfortable vibrating trigger-point massage ■ available standard or with heat ■ compact, portable and small enough to fit in purse or pocket ■ battery operated (uses 1 “C” battery, included) each massager 14-1050 14-1050-25 massager with heat 14-1051 14-1051-25 ■ hand held large pad rotary (orbital) massager ■ handles support massager when used on floor to massage feet rotary massager massager with heat includes 5th tip heat tip for HEAT massager 25 per case NEW Bongers ® percussion massager ■ long flexible handle facilitates self-massage to lower back, upper shoulders, arms and legs, or to a partner ■ Shiatsu-like massage for pain-relief, relaxation and stress release ■ proprioception tool that strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders ■ adjustable strap allows Bongers ® to be hung or worn 14-1410 Bongers ® massager (pair) Thumper ® massagers Thumper ® Versa Pro massage massage 14-1001 dual speed 14-1002 variable speed 14-1006 carry bag 14-1007 wall hanger massagers accessories (not shown) Thumper ® Mini Pro2 Thumper ® Maxi Pro CAT ® adjusting tool ■ chiropractic thrust adjustment device for spine and extremities ■ adjusts from 20-45 APR (average force range measured in pounds of force) 14-1400 CAT ® adjusting tool, original 14-1400CT cervical tips 14-1400ST soft tip replacement 14-1401 CAT ® adjusting tool, Pro-Select 14-1402 CAT ® adjusting tool, Low-Thrust 14-1403 CAT ® adjusting tool, Extended-Thrust Original CAT ® Thumper ® Sport Thumper ® VMTX ■ powerful ¼” percussion stroke, 2 massage spheres to “HUG” your spine ■ elongated and angled handle to reach your back ■ 3 power settings 14-1080 Thumper ® Maxi Pro 14-1081 mini-pro2 14-1085 mini-pro2 carry bag 14-1082 Thumper ® Versa Pro lower body 14-1083 foot stand for Thumper ® Pro massager 14-1084 Thumper ® Maxi Pro - carry bag 14-1086 Thumper ® Sport Personal 14-1087 Thumper ® VMTX Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 153

deep tissue massage Backnobber ® massager Backnobber ® II instruction card regular long big bend ■ hook device over shoulder or under arm ■ use its leverage to apply direct, deep, steady pressure to trigger points ■ “S” shaped steel bar with wooden balls on each end (1 smaller, 1 larger) 14-1335 regular: 19" length, curves 9" across 14-1336 long: 29" length, for people over 6 feet tall 14-1337 big bend: 26" length, for people over 200 lbs Index Knobber ® Index Knobber ® II ■ hook device over the shoulder or under the arm ■ includes 35-page guide 14-1330 Backnobber ® II Jacknobber ® ■ tips for locating trigger points, deep muscle pressure techniques, muscle stretching, strengthening exercises and FAQ 14-1370 instruction card Jacknobber ® II ■ assist the “hands-on” therapist engaged in deep muscle therapy to avoid overuse injuries to the hands, wrists and forearms ■ 7 ⁄8" diameter wooden ball 14-1311 Index Knobber ® Palmassager ® ■ durable polymer allows user to apply deep, sustained and precise pressure to trigger points, and sore, stiff muscles ■ colors vary 14-1310 Index Knobber ® II ■ trigger point therapy tool as well as a general purpose, stress-relieving massager ■ apply to muscles around the shoulder blades for comforting backrub 14-1301 Jacknobber ® ■ small knobs provide deeper, more intense pressure; large knobs provide broader, gentler pressure ■ colors vary 14-1300 Jacknobber ® II Knobble ® Vibrassager ® Orbit Massager ® massage ■ hold firmly in the palm and use 1, 2 or 3 of the smooth, round knobs to massage tense, tired or sore muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, arms or legs ■ finger holds placed for optimum comfort and control ■ colors vary 14-1320 Palmassager ® 154 ■ “cap” is held in the palm; the smoothly-rounded stem is used to apply pressure to trigger points in soft tissue ■ reduces wear-and-tear to therapists’ hands 14-1340 Knobble ® (wood) 14-1341 Knobble ® II (plastic) Website ■ rolling massager equipped with 2 knobbed wheels that vibrate when rolled across the back ■ rounded handle end can be used as trigger point tool for those especially sore muscles ■ colors vary 14-1360 Vibrassager ® ■ freely rotating ball kneads the muscles to loosen and relax soft tissue and encourage circulation ■ give stress-releasing massage to back, neck, shoulders and other muscles ■ colors vary Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 14-1350 Orbit massager ® Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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