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athroom products - toileting height adjustable commodes ■ commodes include commode bucket, cover and splash shield ■ drop-arm commode has easy-release for safe lateral transfer ■ commodes have 300 lb weight capacity (extra wide commode has 650 lb capacity) DME TumbleForms2 ® Carrie ® pediatric mobile potty seat ■ use as freestanding commode or position over toilet ■ positioning features of the Carrie seat plus utilitarian features of commode chair ■ includes seat, adjustable neck support, safety harness, adjustable footrest and tray, mobile frame, splash guard and commode bucket 30-3380 medium (elementary) 30-3381 large (junior) 30-3382 x-large (small-adult) Columbia ® toilet support height adjustable (18-22"), folding 43-2330 steel, plastic armrests, each 43-2330-4 4 each 43-2332 steel, extra wide (650 lb cap) 43-2332-2 2 each 43-2336 aluminum, padded armrests 43-2336-4 4 each drop arm, height adjustable (18-24"), with wheels 43-2350 steel, padded arm, each 43-2350-2 2 each drop arm, height adjustable (19-23") 43-2340 KD, steel, standard seat, ea 43-2340-2 2 each 43-2342 KD, steel, padded seat, ea 43-2342-2 2 each Columbia ® positioning commode ■ wrap-around height-adjustable back support has removable safety belt (low back) or H-harness (high-back) low back (safety belt & reducer ring) 45-2220 small regular 7"W x 7-14"H 45-2220P small padded 7"W x 7-14"H 45-2221 medium regular 11"W x 10-14"H 45-2221P medium padded 11"W x 10-14"H 45-2222 large regular 13"W x 10-17"H 45-2222P large padded 13"W x 10-17"H high back (H-brace & reducer ring) 45-2230 small regular 12"W x 17-22"H 45-2230P small padded 12"W x 17-22"H 45-2231 medium regular 12"W x 19-24"H 45-2231P medium padded 12"W x 19-24"H 45-2232 large regular 14"W x 24-28"H 45-2232P large padded 14"W x 24-28"H accessories 45-2223 footrest/armrest 45-2260 reducer ring 45-2271 soft flex splash guard low back high back ■ optional footrest/armrest and reducer ring sold separately ■ freestanding commode chair includes bowl, footrest, armrest and wrap around height-adjustable back support ■ 175 lb capacity 45-2240 small regular 7"W x 8-17"H x 14-16"D 45-2240P small padded 7"W x 8-17"H x 14-16"D 45-2241 med regular 11"W x 11-19"H x 13-19"D 45-2241P med padded 11"W x 11-19"H x 13-19"D 45-2242 large regular 13"W x 11-19"H x 13-19"D 45-2242P large padded 13"W x 11-19"H x 13-19"D 45-2250 small regular 12"W x 18-26"H x 14-16"D 45-2250P small padded 12"W x 18-26"H x 14-16"D 45-2251 med regular 12"W x 18-26"H x 13-19"D 45-2251P med padded 12"W x 18-26"H x 13-19"D 45-2252 large regular 14"W x 23-30"H x 13-19"D 45-2252P large padded 14"W x 23-30"H x 13-19"D accessories 45-2257 caster set (not included) 45-2271 soft flex splash guard low back with footrest and optional casters low back (safety belt) high back (H-harness) Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 189

athroom products - bathing bath benches ■ height adjustable (16"-18") bath bench has drainage holes in seat and back ■ lightweight aluminum frame is durable and corrosion- resistant ■ choose fully assembled or knockdown version ■ 300 lb capacity 43-2400 without back assembled, folding 43-2410 with back, removable arms assembled, folding 43-2402 without back, knockdown 43-2402-4 4 each 43-2412 with back, knockdown 43-2412-4 4 each adjustable transfer bench ■ provides access for getting in and out of shower ■ 16-21" adjustable height legs with suction feet ■ removable back and arms ■ built-in hand held shower holder ■ durable, rust resistant ■ 350 lb capacity 45-2340 transfer bench adjustable shower seats corner shower seat shower stools ■ 16-21" adjustable height legs with non-skid feet ■ all plastic; resists rust DME ■ 16-21" adjustable legs with suction feet ■ built-in handheld shower spray holder ■ durable and rust-resistant ■ removable back and arms available ■ 300 lb capacity 45-2300 no arms, no back 45-2301 with arms only 45-2302 with back only 45-2303 with arms and back ■ fits into shower stall corner ■ built-in soap holder ■ 300 lb capacity ■ seat size: 17" x 17" x 23" 45-2310 corner seat ■ rotating model swivels to give caregiver easy access to patient ■ 300 lb capacity 45-2320 round, 15½" seat dia. 45-2330 rotating, 16" seat dia. FabLife personal hygiene pads swiveling back scrubbers ■ rotating head scrubber helps to wash back and lower body 45-2370 3¾" round sponge, straight handle, 23" L 45-2371 3¾" round sponge, curved handle, 23" L 45-2375 replacement sponge, bag of 2 R straight arm sponges ■ extends reach to wash lower back and extremities 45-2380 round sponge, 22"L x 6"W x 3"H 45-2381 contoured sponge, 22½"L x 2½"W x 2½"H Life swiveling back scrubbers ■ apply lotions and medications to hard-to-reach places ■ 12" angled handle is ribbed with thumb rest ■ replacement sponges available 45-2390 lotion applicator, 21"L x 6"W x 1"H 45-2395 replacement sponge, 6"L x 4"W x ½"H roll-on applicator with folding handle ■ comes with two pivoting roller heads that massage while applying lotion ■ handle folds for storage and travel: 12" length, 8" when folded 45-2400 applicator with folding handle 190 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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