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NEW FabSafe fall mats

NEW FabSafe fall mats bed assists bedroom ■ helps to reduce possible injuries due to bed falls ■ provides support for getting in and out of bed ADL ■ tapered edges for safety and wheelchair access ■ easy to grasp handles can be used for repositioning and turning in bed ■ made of high density foam ■ bars slide between mattress and box spring ■ 70"L x 29"W x 5/8"D ■ specify gray (GRY) or black (BLK) ■ handles are 20" wide and height adjustable from 16-19" ■ side pockets provide convenient storage areas 38-3000 FabSafe fall mat 38-3010 FabSafe anti-microbial mat ■ fits twin to queen size beds 86-0100 single handle 86-0101 double handle single double Life transfer boards bean bag lap desk blanket lift bar cutouts ■ tapered boards for those with lower extremity disabilities ■ 350 lb capacity bed tray ■ 16" wide leg room with flat surface 13" x 10" ■ large side pockets with handles ■ 22"L x 12"W x 7"H ■ colors vary 86-0120 bed tray solid wood 50-3000 8 x 24", no cutouts 50-3001 8 x 30", no cutouts 50-3004 8 x 24", 2 cutouts 50-3005 8 x 30", 2 cutouts plastic 50-3007 8 x 28", no cutouts no cutouts ■ plastic top with removable "styrofoam" bean bag base ■ bean bag provides form fitting and comfortable support for the plastic work surface ■ 12" x 16" 43-2291 lap desk bed rope ladder ■ provides assistance in sitting up from a lying position ■ has 5 rungs at 5" intervals ■ looped at end for easy attachment ■ 57"L 86-0130 rope ladder ■ protects sensitive feet from weight of a blanket ■ creates free space of 30" x 16" x 12" ■ one side slips under mattress; the other side supports blanket ■ plastic coated steel, 16" x 12" x 16" 86-0110 blanket lift bar swiveling back scrubbers ■ rotating head scrubber helps to wash back and lower body 45-2370 3¾" round sponge, straight handle, 23" L 45-2371 3¾" round sponge, curved handle, 23" L 45-2375 replacement sponge, bag of 2 ■ straight arm sponges extends reach to wash lower back and extremities Life 45-2380 round sponge, 22"L x 6"W x 3"H 45-2381 contoured sponge, 22½"L x 2½"W x 2½"H Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 205

household gadgets key holders and turners door grippers Hole-in-One key holder ■ provides several gripping positions and excellent leverage ■ can be used with fingers inserted through hollow center or around outside ■ has loop for wrist strap, key chain, key ring or to hang on hook 60-0100 key holder, 5" long ■ rigid handle provides extra leverage to turn key in lock ■ keys fold into plastic holder when not in use ■ 3 1 ⁄2"L x 1"W 60-0102 two keys 60-0103 four keys key turner for one key ■ handle has 2 finger holes for control ■ improves grip and turning leverage ■ key is secured to turner with binding post ■ neon yellow for visibility 60-0101 key turner key holder for two or four keys electric light switches door knob extension ■ 5" extension handle provides extra leverage ■ fits over standard door knob ■ allows complete access to keyholes ■ cord can be inserted though handle slot for people with limited reach 60-1110 extender, 2 each door knob gripper ■ stretch over door knob to produce a soft ribbed surface ■ reduces strength required to open a door ■ can use on faucets 60-1112 door knob gripper T-handle turner ■ can be used on any nonround or ribbed knob or appliance handle ■ grip is secured when pressed onto knob ■ measures 2¼" diameter but can grip larger irregular-shaped knobs ■ T-shaped handle is 5¼" long 60-1113 knob turner door knob / faucet gripper ■ inner ribs grip knob ■ outer surfaces allow hand to turn knob ■ installed by slipping device over knob 60-1111 gripper, 2 each ADL extension handle ■ provides 12" extension to any switch ■ puts wall switches within easy reach of children, wheelchair users or people with limited reach ■ hardware included 60-1101 handle, 2 each Big Lamp Switch ■ easy to see, grip and turn ■ 2" diameter, three-spoked knob creates more leverage to turn switches on and off ■ unscrew and remove the original knob and replace with Big Lamp Switch 60-1100 Big Lamp Switch 60-1100-3 set of 3 plug puller ■ attaches permanently to plugs ■ two large finger holes make it easy to hold and manipulate ■ secure with supplied plastic ties 60-1102 plug puller easy twist jar opener ■ select the appropriate opening size, grip firmly and twist ■ soft rubber gasket creates a firm grip 60-0000 easy twist Penguin-Pop jar opener ■ jar and bottle opener fits lids and caps small and large ■ place around the jar or bottle top, hold firm and turn 60-0001 Penguin-Pop jar opener Hot Hand ® hand protector/ jar opener ■ slip thumb and fingers into pocket ■ use as a gripper to unscrew tight jars ■ secure grip on hot, cold or slippery items 60-0020 Hot Hand ® 4-way opener ■ soft, comfortable non-slip grips ■ opens bottle caps, jar lids, soda cans 60-0002 4-way opener jar / bottle openers 206 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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