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swing with pommel swing

swing with pommel swing seats for vestibular training and play therapy Skillbuilders ® swing seats swing without pommel with optional headrest headrest complete swing seat pediatric positioning seat inner dimensions capacity small 20"L x 12"W x 9"D 75 lb medium 23"L x 15"W x 10"D 150 lb large 31"L x 20"W x 14"D 200 lb ■ plastic seat is available with and without a built-in abductor (pommel) ■ safety harness and crotch strap standard for proper positioning ■ adjustable suspension mechanism will fit any frame up to ten feet ■ optional headrest, legrest, seat cover and swing tie-down straps available with rope with chain small 30-1630 30-1590 medium 30-1631 30-1591 large 30-1632 30-1592 with rope with chain small 30-1634 30-1593 medium 30-1635 30-1594 large 30-1636 30-1595 ■ complete full support swing seat comes with pommel, headrest and legrest, harness and crotch strap ■ small is for child, medium for teenager and large for adult seat with pommel seat without pommel complete swing seat legrest with rope with chain small 30-1640 30-1596 medium 30-1641 30-1597 large 30-1642 30-1598 bouncer accessory rotator accessories swing seat accessories headrest ■ bounce adapter adds a new dimension of vestibular challenge to swinging ■ child can bounce while swinging back-and-forth or use without swinging ■ 125 lb working load each bouncer 30-1692 bouncer, each 30-1692-2 bouncer, pair single quad ■ rotator adapter adds a new dimension and vestibular challenge to swinging 30-1695 single attachment 30-1697 quadruple attachment headrest 30-1633 small/medium 30-1629 large legrest 30-1643 small/medium 30-1644 large covers for seat with pommel (not shown) 30-1645 small 30-1646 medium 30-1647 large replacement seat harnesses (not shown) 30-1630H small 30-1631H medium 30-1632H large tie-down retention straps (not shown) ■ anchor swing to ground to limit motion 30-1637 straps (2 each) leg rest Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 227

vestibular stimulation pediatric positioning plastic ball stool/trainer plastic ball chair NEW CanDo ® wobble ball child size adult size ■ versatile exercise ball chair holds a 55 cm ball (included) securely in place ■ use as a chair or use as an inflatable exercise dome ■ casters have locking mechanism to make chair stationary ■ lock casters when using during vestibular exercises to prevent chair from rolling away ■ ball color may vary 30-1796 mobile exercise ball stool CanDo ® inflatable exercise balls ■ use to improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and even just for fun ■ used by therapists for vestibular stimulation ■ non-slip surface is ribbed for extra security ■ under inflate to give a soft, mushy feel or fully inflate for a firm, bouncy feel ■ supports up to 300 lb (136kg) cm in color 30-1800 30 11.8 blue 30-1801 45 17.7 yellow 30-1802 55 21.6 orange 30-1803 65 25.6 green 30-1804 75 29.5 red 30-1805 85 33.5 blue 30-1806 95 37.4 red ■ mobile ergonomic seating system combines the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a chair base ■ ball held securely in place ■ removable back, without arms ■ casters glide on carpet and hard surfaces ■ includes ball; colors may vary ■ light assembly required 30-1792 adult size w/ 55 cm ball 30-1795 child size w/ 35 cm ball 30-1797 locking casters, 2 each 30-1798 replacement ball-adult 55 cm 30-1789 replacement ball-child 35 cm CanDo ® inflatable saddle rolls ■ easier to control than a ball because motion is limited to forward and backward direction ■ aids in developing muscles, coordination and balance ■ the “saddle” design offers extra support for the user ■ supports up to 300 lb (136 kg) ■ use for vestibular stimulation, core training and general balance exercises ■ adjust the level of difficulty by adding or removing air from ball ■ use the dome curved side down as a seat, rocker board, or to kneel on for vestibular activities ■ with the flat side down, use for balance, core and strengthening exercises 30-1941 wobble ball cm in H x L H x L color 30-1725 40 x 90 16 x 35 yellow 30-1726 50 x 100 20 x 39 orange 30-1727 60 x 110 24 x 43 green 30-1728 70 x 120 28 x 47 red 30-1729 80 x 130 32 x 51 blue 228 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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