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EVALUATION push-pull/

EVALUATION push-pull/ MMT dynamometer accessories C pads and hooks A H lift platforms push-pull handles M O pull cuffs P evaluation D E B push attachments A 12-0371 padded large curve B 12-0358 padded small curve C 12-0370 padded straight D 12-0372 1cm 2 circular pull hooks E 12-0377 medium hook F 12-0379 oval snap optional pull hook G 12-0376 small hook H 12-0446 threaded oval 7-piece set (1 each) 12-0470 7 piece set (excludes 12-0358 ) G F I K ■ includes base, 5' chain, 1 oval snap, 1 threaded oval ■ adjust chain length for test continuity regular base I 12-0406 (15" x 15") large base J 12-0407 (24" x 24") accessories 12-0443 chain K 12-0445 oval snap L 12-0446 threaded oval back-leg-chest dynamometers L J N ■ fits Baseline ® hydraulic and electric push-pull and Baseline ® wrist dynamometer (dual grip only) ■ easy to affix and remove ■ securely fasten to the backside of devices to facilitate test M 12-0385 N 12-0389 push pull handles single grip dual grip pull handle with anchor ■ use anchor handle to do pull testing 12-0415 single grip 12-0416 hardware ■ securely fasten measurement accessory to subject near muscle group being evaluated ■ connect dynamometer to measurement accessory ■ cuff with padded foam O 12-0420 ankle P 12-0422 thigh Q 12-0424 wrist R 12-0428 foot stirrup S 12-0427 shoulder harness T 12-0429 head harness Baseline ® cable tensiometer Q S R T measure strength of major muscle groups ■ measure strength of back, leg and chest muscles ■ base provides secure footing ■ chain length is adjustable to accommodate for height differences or to vary the point of force application ■ comes fully assembled with 5' chain ■ oversize base 24" x 24"; regular base 18" x 18" ■ pointer remains at maximum until reset ■ reads lb and kg 12-0400 adult with standard base 660 lb (300 kg) 12-0403 adult with oversize base 660 lb (300 kg) 12-0401 adolescent with standard base 330 lb (150 kg) 12-0402 child with standard base 165 lb (75 kg) Fabrication Enterprises Website ■ secure one cable to a stationary object; the other to the body part using a measurement accessory (see pull cuffs above) ■ includes 4 pull cuffs (ankle, thigh, wrist, head) and two 5' chains ■ pointer remains at maximum until reset ■ reads lb and kg Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 12-0410 adult 660 lb (300 kg) 12-0411 adolescent 330 lb (150 kg) 12-0412 child 165 lb (75 kg) E-Mail 249

dynamometers and inclinometers ■ advanced digital technology for muscle strength, range-of-motion measurements and ergonomic applications including job task analysis and functional capacity testing ■ units are bluetooth enabled to deliver information directly from the unit to your computer for use with optional data or clinical software packages ■ results are displayed on the unit in an LCD display ■ strength measurements can be shown in lb, kg or newtons and can be set to a high (3 lb) or low (0.8 lb) threshold setting. ■ strength measurements and range-of-motion units are accurate to within 1º ■ automatic shut-off prolongs battery life ■ units come with a carrying case, instruction manual, test result forms, batteries and a 1 year warranty MicroFET 2 MMT data ■ data collection software automatically tracks and analyzes test data and saves in commaseparated values (CSV) format ■ can be opened in most spreadsheet programs ■ compatible with ergoFET, ergoFET500, microFET2, microFET4, and HandGRIP 12-0279 data software Software MicroFET clinical ■ patient tracking, analysis, and comparison statistics are collected and narrative and graphic reports can be generated ■ compatible with microFET2, microFET3, microFET4, and microFET6, HandGRIP 12-0278 clinical software MicroFET 3 MMT/ inclinometer evaluation ■ displays peak force and time duration ■ versatile push attachments ensure proper muscle isolation for increased testing validity ■ 300 lb capacity ■ includes: 3 push attachments, test forms, wall chart, case, 2 3.7V lithium batteries, AC adapter and battery charger 12-0381W MF2, wireless 12-0381WC MF2, with clinical software 12-0381WD MF2, with data collection software 12-0381WCD MF2, with both software packages ■ manual muscle tester and inclinometer in one unit ■ provides fast, accurate and reliable digital results for MMT and ROM testing ■ ROM measurements require single unit only ■ 150 lb force capacity ■ includes: 3 push attachments, test forms, wall chart, case, 3.7V lithium ion battery and AC adapter 12-0382W MF3, wireless 12-0382WC MF3, with clinical software ■ uses simple keypad prompts to calculate and display spinal segment ROM results ■ pre-programmed protocols for cervical, thoracic and lumbar ROM test ■ unit can perform extremity ROM tests ■ does not support external software (data or clinical) ■ unit contains: test forms, wall chart, case and 9V battery 12-0299W MF5 MicroFET 5 single inclinometer MicroFET 6 dual inclinometer ■ can be used as a single or dual site inclinometer ■ measures in 1º increments from 0º to +/- 180° ■ use with either AMA or DRE protocols ■ unit contains: test forms, wall chart, case and 3.7V rechargeable lithium ion battery 12-0289W MF6, wireless 12-0289WC MF6, with clinical software 250 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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