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J-Tech® dynamometers

J-Tech® dynamometers and inclinometers ■ large LCD window with easy-to-read characters ■ automatic test sequencing J-Tech ® Commander Echo ® ■ stores 20 tests with 8 reps per side and calculates appropriate statistics ■ measures in pounds, kilograms and degrees ■ bluetooth console is physically independent of the testing device, Echo console allowing the tester to review the data during active testing 12-0510 Commander Echo console evaluation Grip dynamometer Pinch dynamometer MMT Dynamometer Static Force Dynamometer ■ stores 20 bilateral tests with 1-8 repetitions per side ■ calculates coefficient of variation (CV), right and left average force, bilateral deficit, fatigue and timed fatigue test ■ evaluate hand strength and compare results to published data ■ 200 lb capacity 12-0515 grip 12-0516 with console ■ stores 20 tests ■ perform key, tip and palmar test ■ document bilateral differences, establish baselines and monitor progress ■ 50 lb capacity 12-0519 pinch 12-0520 with console ■ stores up to 20 tests with 1-4 reps per side ■ “axis compensation” circuitry assures accuracy for off-center pad placement ■ records peak force and calculates coefficient of variation (CV) and bilateral strength deficits ■ 150 lb capacity 12-0513 MMT 12-0514 with console ■ stores 20 tests with 8 reps each ■ measures push and pull forces and weight ■ calculates (CV) for multiple repetitions ■ displays maximum force or maximum and average force for each repetition ■ time tests from 1-5 seconds, or “untimed” for longer durations ■ 500 lb capacity 12-0523 force gauge 12-0524 with console Algometer Goniometer Dual Inclinometer Commander Echo Software ■ stores 20 tests of any type ■ identify small changes in pressure sensitivity ■ two pressure measurement tips (1cm 2 and 0.5cm 2 ) for applications to large and small muscles of the head and neck 12-0517 algometer 12-0518 with console ■ stores 20 bilateral tests with 8 repetitions per side ■ compact size is perfect for hand ROM ■ extensions prevent large extremity alignment ■ calculates coefficient of variation (CV) 12-0521 goniometer 12-0522 with console ■ stores data for 20 tests with 1-8 repetitions ■ measure lordosis, kyphosis and joint ankylosis ■ measure agonist/ antagonist movements without stopping or repositioning ■ measure ROM using dynamic, auto-rep or static testing 12-0511 dual inclinometer 12-0512 with console ■ quickly create forms from the data collected on the Commander Echo Console (sold separately) ■ software interfaces directly with console using bluetooth ■ reports are in color and give space to include information about the patient 12-0525 Echo software Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 253

dynamometers and inclinometers Lafayette Manual Muscle Tester (MMT) ■ comes with 3 pads ■ measures peak force and time to achieve it, total test time, time within selectable ranges and average force ■ optional data storage for up to 150 tests ■ 300 lb (136 kg) capacity ■ optional data transfer software allows bluetooth communication between MMT and computer ■ rechargeable battery with auto shut-off ■ easy-to-read graphical LCD display reads in lb, kg, and newtons 12-0380 Lafayette MMT 12-0380S Software/wireless data A C Acumar dual inclinometer ■ large LCD display ■ store 6 tests with max, min and average values ■ reads from 0º ± 185º ■ IR transmits to optional computer interface (D) ■ software calculates statistical information (average, maximum and variance), creates graphs and reports B, C 12-1061 complete set A 12-1062 single inclinometer B 12-1063 dual inclinometer with cable C 12-1064 ruler D 12-1065 data capture interface B D DynX ® dynamometer MicroFET HandGRIP Jamar Plus+ ® evaluation ■ for grip testing and grip therapy ■ perform maximum, endurance and rapid exchange tests ■ perform fixed effort or stepped effort grip therapy ■ store data and calculate statistics (average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation) ■ connect USB wire to data port to download archived data and statistics to a computer ■ use grip adjuster to vary grip size ■ 9V battery included ■ 200 lb (91 kg) capacity 12-0455 DynX ® dynamometer 254 grip adjuster ■ LCD display ■ for routine grip strength screening and initial/ongoing evaluations ■ durable, lightweight body ■ grip tests: maximum test, 5-position test, rapid exchange test, and hand fatigue test 12-0277W MF HandGRIP, wireless 12-0277WC MF HandGRIP, with clinical software 12-0277WD MF HandGRIP, with data collection software 12-0277WCD MF HandGRIP, with both software packages Website ■ LCD display shows isometric grip force in lb or kg ■ perform maximum grip and rapid exchange tests ■ calculate average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation (CV) ■ collect up to 5 trials for both hands ■ 2 AAA batteries included ■ 200 lb (90 kg) capacity 12-0604 Jamar ® Plus+ dynamometer ■ LCD display shows isometric grip force in lb or kg digital dynamometer digital pinch gauge ■ perform tip, key and palmar tests ■ store 99 readings ■ 3V battery included ■ 50 lb (23 kg) capacity 12-0607 Jamar ® Plus+ electronic pinch 12-0475 Baseline ® electronic pinch Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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