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hand exercisers CanDo ®

hand exercisers CanDo ® gel hand exercise balls exercise standard standard 2" dia. large 6.75" circum., 2.15" dia. on long dimension 5.50" circum., 1.75" dia. on short dimension standard (round) large ergonomic (egg-shaped) R large ergonomic ■ hand exerciser for grip strength, dexterity, mobility and fine and gross motor skills ■ heat or chill for hot or cold therapy ■ available in 6 color-coded resistances tan xx-light 10-1490 yellow x-light 10-1491 red light 10-1492 green medium 10-1493 blue heavy 10-1494 black x-heavy 10-1495 tan yel red grn blu blk set 1 (ea) 10-1496 tan xx-light 10-1890 yellow x-light 10-1891 red light 10-1892 green medium 10-1893 blue heavy 10-1894 black x-heavy 10-1895 tan yel red grn blu blk set 1 (ea) 10-1896 Thera-Band ® gel balls Eggsercizer ® gel balls standard large ■ balls for hand, fingers and forearm exercises standard yellow x-light 10-1330 red light 10-1331 green medium 10-1332 blue heavy 10-1333 black x-heavy 10-1334 large size red light 10-1341 green medium 10-1342 blue heavy 10-1343 black x-heavy 10-1344 ■ for exercise and progressive rehabilitation of hand and arm muscles individual packaging orange x-light 10-1290 green light 10-1291 blue medium 10-1292 plum heavy 10-1293 Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 39

hand, wrist and body exercisers Bodyblade ® exerciser 360º stick Thera-Band ® FlexBar ® exercise ■ improve strength, balance, coordination, posture and core stabilization with low level vibration and inertia ■ delivers progressive resistance ■ for pre- or post-operative exercises, spinal cord injuries, stroke, home exercises and continuity from the clinic ■ includes a wall chart and DVD length 10-1540 Pro, black 60" 10-1541 Classic, black 48" 10-1542 CXT, yellow 40" ■ improve strength, balance, coordination, posture and core stabilization with low level vibration and inertia ■ circular bar for motion in all planes ■ soft grip in center of bar ■ 63"L x 1¾"W x 1¾"D 10-1960 360° stick ■ use to improve hand, wrist, arm, elbow and shoulder strength ■ broad applications for both rehab and sports specific training ■ ability to work bending, twisting, and oscillation movements with one piece of equipment ■ diameter of bar increases with resistance level; 12" length yellow x-light 10-1350 red light 10-1351 green medium 10-1352 blue heavy 10-1353 Jux-a-Cisor Psytech wrist exerciser Thera-Band ® Hand X-trainer Thera-Band ® Hand Trainer ■ ROM exerciser for finger, hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder ■ wrist flexion and extension exerciser strengthens grip and forearms ■ adjustable resistance to 20 lb ■ 10" length ■ for finger extension ■ supports hot/cold therapy ■ economical and intuitive; ideal for home exercise ■ progressive resistances for clear measure of progress ■ supports broad range of exercises ■ exercise sheet is held in place by two locking rings ■ to change resistance, change the sheet color ■ full set comes with rings and six elastic sheets (tan-black) set 6 sheets + 2 rings 10-1276 10-1230 Jux-a-Cisor 10-0819 Psytech exerciser red beginner 10-2242 green intermediate 10-2243 blue advanced 10-2244 black adv. sports 10-2245 red grn blu blk set 10-2249 sheet refills (6 each) tan xx-light 10-1270 yellow x-light 10-1271 red light 10-1272 green medium 10-1273 blue heavy 10-1274 black x-heavy 10-1275 40 Fabrication Website Direct Consult No. Twitter Enterprises +966564401554/+966583943888 @ArabPT

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