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upper and lower body

upper and lower body ergometers bi-directional Endorphin units come standard with: ■ pulse meter displays distance, time, speed, calories and pulse ■ body stabilizing chest pad is adjustable to vertical or horizontal position with 7" range-of-motion unit e1 e2 e3 e4 bi-directional pedal Y Y Y Y chest support Y Y Y Y external power 110 volt N Y Y Y handles comfort comfort comfort multiposition programmable resistance 8 manual 8 electronic plus manual 8 electronic plus manual 8 electronic plus manual work levels WATTS 19-48 6-20 19-48 display screen pulse workout screen meter selection size Y N small Y Y large Y Y large Y Y large exercise UBE 300 UBE 355 on stand UBE 380 on stand with seat comfort grip ■ use on table or counter ■ multi-position grip has 3 preset hand positions (22, 45 and 90°) to isolate and work different muscle groups ■ 28"L x 16"W comfort grip [e1] 10-3600 [e2] 10-3605 [e3] 10-3610 multi-position grip [e4] 10-3617 LBE 300 ■ adjustable wheelchair accessible stand ■ crank arm adjustable from 36"-50" from floor allowing unit to be used in seated or standing position comfort grip [e1] 10-3620 [e2] 10-3625 [e3] 10-3630 multi-position grip [e4] 10-3637 LBE + UBE 370 upper ■ with height-adjustable platform ■ semi-recumbent seat adjusts front to rear for proper user positioning; rotates 360° to provide easy access and egress ■ seat assembly may be quickly removed for wheelchair accessibility comfort grip [e1] f 10-3660 [e2] f 10-3665 [e3] f 10-3670 multi-position grip [e4] f 10-3677 accessories foot pedal foot plate ■ place unit on floor, in front of chair, bench or wheelchair ■ 28"L x 16"W foot pedal [e1] 10-3640 [e2] 10-3645 [e3] 10-3650 foot plate [e1] 10-3641 [e2] 10-3646 [e3] 10-3651 ■ comes with independent upper and lower ergometers ■ height adjustable platform lower ■ semi-recumbent adjustable seat foot pedal/grip type [e1] f 10-3680 comfort grip [e2] f 10-3685 comfort grip [e3] f 10-3690 comfort grip [e4] f 10-3697 multi-position grip foot plate/grip type [e1] f 10-3720 comfort grip [e2] f 10-3725 comfort grip [e3] f 10-3730 comfort grip [e4] f 10-3737 multi-position grip multi-position handgrip quad handgrip accessories 10-2925 foot pedal 10-2921 foot plate 10-2919 comfort grip 10-2927 multi-position grip 10-2922 quad grip f 10-2923 table comfort grip table Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 57

exercise bikes, ellipticals and treadmills exercise XT685 treadmill ■ extra large 60"L x 22"W workout surface ■ backlit LCD console ■ speed / incline: 0.5-12 mph/0-15% ■ wireless heart rate monitoring ■ muscle activation figure shows which areas are being targeted ■ audio jack and speakers ■ non-folding base promotes extra stability ■ 78"L x 32"W x 56"H; 273 lb ■ 425 lb capacity residential commercial ■ backlit LCD console XBR95 semi-recumbent fitness bike ■ squeeze-grip handles adjust seat & reclining backrest positions ■ muscle activation figure shows which areas are being targeted ■ wireless heart rate monitoring ■ generator power system ■ audio jack and speakers ■ 57"L x 30"W x 50 H; 147 lb ■ 350 lb capacity f 10-6070 XT685 treadmill f 10-6071 XBR95 fitness bike ■ extra large 60"L x 22"W workout surface ■ speed / incline: 0.5-12 mph/0-15% ■ durable steel frame, aluminum console masts & side rails ■ contact & wireless heart rate capabilities ■ dual drive motor cooling fans ■ low maintenance ■ 84"L x 35"W x 57"H; 353 lb ■ 450 lb capacity CT800 treadmill ■ 40 levels of resistance ■ integrated generator/flywheel system provides extra-smooth ride ■ contact & telemetric heart rate capabilities ■ generator powered console, so no need for electricity ■ 57"L x 30"W x 51"H; 145 lb ■ 450 lb capacity CR800 semi-recumbent fitness bike f 10-6072 CT800 treadmill f 10-6079 CT800 with medical handrails CG800 e-Glide trainer ■ infinite resistance adjustments to satisfy every fitness level ■ telemetric heart rate for hands free monitoring ■ 30 lb flywheel generates the optimum amount of inertia ■ battery powered console ■ 69"L x 24"W x 66"H; 230 lb ■ 450 lb capacity f 10-6075 CR800 fitness bike ■ 40 levels of resistance ■ heavy duty steel frame with durable powder coat paint finish ■ smooth, quiet 20" stride - optimal distance for the average user ■ dual rollers on each pedal arm for a sturdier base; the rollers are shielded for safety ■ generator powered console, so no need for electricity ■ 78"L x 28"W x 67"H; 240 lb ■ 450 lb capacity CE800 elliptical f 10-6077 CG800 e-Glide f 10-6074 CE800 elliptical 58 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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