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alance pads ■ ■ ■

alance pads ■ ■ ■ ■ 32-1500B pad (ea) 32-1500B-10 pad (10 ea) CanDo ® progressive instability pads ■ ■ ■ yel red grn blu blk ■ ■ ■ CanDo ® balance pad closed-cell foam provides excellent elasticity and energy absorption coarse surface for traction on bottom and top surfaces sanitized coating resists sweat and saliva and protects against microbes and odors 16"L x 20"W x 2 1 ⁄2"H each each 22 each yellow x-easy 30-2161 30-2161-2 red easy 30-2162 30-2162-2 green moderate 30-2163 30-2163-2 blue hard 30-2164 30-2164-2 black x-hard 30-2165 30-2165-2 used to improve balance, postural stability, proprioception and coordination unsteady surface challenges body to maintain posture and balance softer pad provides more vestibular challenge 30-2131 green, firm 30-2131-2 green (2 ea) 30-2130 blue, soft 30-2130-2 blue (2 ea) 30-2132 black, x-soft 30-2132-2 black (2 ea) set 30-2166 30-2166-2 Thera-Band ® stability trainer foam inflatable plush foam each 20" progressive molded foam balance pad has a different level of “give” and offers a different vestibular "challenge" yellow is the most stable (easiest), and black is the most unstable (most challenging) surface pads can also be used as corestrengthening vestibular seating cushions underside topside ■ ■ ■ colors do not indicate resistance; for personal choice each each case (10 pads) yellow 30-2120Y 30-2120Y-10 red 30-2120R 30-2120R-10 green 30-2120G 30-2120G-10 blue 30-2120B 30-2120B-10 black 30-2120BLK 30-2120BLK-10 ■ ■ ■ ■ CanDo ® low impact aerobic pad designed to be the most effective and functional pad for low impact aerobic exercises and group classes both top and bottom surfaces are textured for non-slip, secure footing pads measure 20" in diameter, extra thick 2½" depth Airex ® balance pads balance pads for vestibular training and exercises the difficulty level can be increased by stacking pads balance pad 16" x 20" 30-1910 2¼" thick (ea) 30-1910-20 20 per case balance pad plus w/non-slip backing 30-1915 2¼" thick (ea) 30-1915-20 20 per case XL balance pad 16" x 40" 30-1908 2½" thick (ea) 30-1908-10 10 per case Airex ® balance beam 64" soft foam trapezoidal beams can be positioned wide-side down (9½") for greater stability or narrowside down (4½") for a greater vestibular challenge for core conditioning, rehabilitation, gait and balance 30-1913 balance beam (ea) 30-1913-10 case of 10 exercise Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 67

foot and ankle rehabilitation boards exercise CanDo ® Multi-Axial platform system Multi-Axial Platform System offers adjustable ROM (range-of-motion) and weight training to maximize lower body rehabilitation. Includes reversible board (1 side for left foot and 1 side for right foot). 5-ball set (color-coded yellow, red, green, blue and black from easiest to most challenging). Balls screw into board to provide vestibular challenge. Comes standard with 2 weight rods, 10 lbs of weight plates and a wall rack. Optional motion limiter is used to limit ROM. D E A professional system can be hung on the wall for easy storage! C B instability balls can be used for both Multi-Axial Platform System and MVP ® systems Professional System (pictured above) A B C D E two-sided professional Multi-Axial board weight rack with five color-coded instability balls: yellow, red, green, blue and black 2.5 lb weight plates (4 each) motion limiter complete with clips and padding weight rod (fits any of the five sockets on either side of board) Multi-Axial Platform System - PRO sets 10-1730 board with balls, rods 10-1731 board with balls, rods, weights, wall rack 10-1735 board with balls, rods, weights, storage tub instability balls (hemispheres) challenge height each yellow x-easy 1" 10-1760 red easy 1.5" 10-1761 green moderate 2" 10-1762 blue hard 2.5" 10-1763 black x-hard 3" 10-1764 yel red grn blu blk 5 ball set 10-1765 yel red grn blu5 ball blk set with rack 10-1742 instability ball wall rack 10-1740 wall rack for 5 balls and board accessories 10-1732 Multi-Axial board only 10-1741 storage tub (not shown) 10-1733 motion limiter 10-0601 2.5 lb weight plate 10-0601-4 2.5 lb weight plate (4 each) 10-1770 weight rod (each) 50-1596B Dycem ® non-slip circular pad, 7½" dia, blue ■ for home use Multi-Axial Platform System - Home adult home model (blue) adult model (over 120 lbs) - blue 10-1752 home board for right foot 10-1753 home board for left foot 10-1750 home board for right foot 10-1751 home board for left foot bottom top child/adolescent home model (yellow) ■ board is elliptical with off-centered balance pivot ■ select board for left or right foot child model (under 120 lbs) - yellow non-skid accessory 50-1596B Dycem ® non-slip circular pad, 7½" dia, blue 68 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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