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shoulder pulleys CanDo

shoulder pulleys CanDo ® overdoor shoulder exerciser, double pulley CanDo ® overdoor shoulder exerciser, single pulley A nub anchor exercise door bracket pulley with 360º swivel B R ■ heavy duty shoulder pulley increases shoulder ROM ■ allows one shoulder to compensate for the other post-surgery ■ exerciser has 2 pulleys and bracket for smooth and easy operation ■ portable exerciser can be easily transported and fitted to most doors ■ stopper prevents over-extension ■ Visualizer ® provides color intervals for feedback and compliance 50-1010 double pulley (ea) 50-1010-25 double pulley (25 ea) 50-1034 Visualizer ® double pulley (ea) 50-1034-25 Visualizer ® double pulley (25 ea) Thera-Band ® shoulder pulley disc anchor R C ■ helps increase and maintain ROM on all planes of shoulder movement ■ rope adjusts for any height user ■ 360º swivel pulley assures smooth action in all directions and keeps rope on track ■ foam-covered handles provide a comfortable grip ■ stopper prevents over-extension ■ perfect for post-surgery A 50-1023 shoulder pulley with nub anchor (ea) 50-1023-25 shoulder pulley with nub anchor (25 ea) B 50-1024 shoulder pulley with door bracket (ea) 50-1024-25 shoulder pulley with door bracket (25 ea) C 50-1025 shoulder pulley with disc anchor (ea) 50-1025-25 shoulder pulley with disc anchor (25 ea) CanDo ® Visualizer ® color-coded overdoor shoulder exerciser disc anchor R ■ colors on rope reference level of difficulty to indicate progress ■ adjustable length rope with foam-covered handles 50-1031 shoulder pulley (ea) 50-1031-25 shoulder pulley (25 ea) 50-1031B shoulder pulley in retail box (ea) 50-1031B-25 shoulder pulley in retail box (25 ea) D nub anchor R E door bracket ■ color intervals on rope reference ROM to indicate progress ■ adjustable length rope with foam-covered handles ■ stopper prevents over-extension F disc anchor ■ 360º swivel pulley keeps rope on track D 50-1035 shoulder pulley with nub anchor (ea) 50-1035-25 shoulder pulley with nub anchor (25 ea) E 50-1036 shoulder pulley with door bracket (ea) 50-1036-25 shoulder pulley with door bracket (25 ea) F 50-1037 shoulder pulley with disc anchor (ea) 50-1037-25 shoulder pulley with disc anchor (25 ea) Fabrication Enterprises Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 E-Mail 81

stretching aids FabStretch ® single leg stretch ProStretch ® flexibility exercisers exercise NEW A B C ■ reduce the risk of injury when used before and after exercise ■ increases flexibility, range-ofmotion and performance ■ gives support for controlled stretching 10-1178 single leg stretch ■ stability and support for stretching lower leg ■ rocker stretches Achilles tendon and plantar fascia ■ can be used while standing or sitting A 10-1169 ProStretch ® Plus single leg B 10-1170 ProStretch ® single leg C 10-1173 ProStretch ® bilateral Foot Gym quad boards D ■ provide support by forcing the proper amount of knee (or arm) flexion ■ use on a treatment table or floor ■ boards fold flat when not in use D 10-1140 wood board E 10-1141 wood board, padded ■ each section can be adjusted independently to match exact femoral and tibial lengths ■ adjustability of this quad board allows for the knee to be fixed to any degree ■ chrome-plated steel, folds flat E wood steel F 10-1142 steel board F ■ stretch back and leg muscles, tendons and ligaments ■ lightweight and portable dorsiflexion calf raise arch massage ■ perfect for stretching, exercise and rehab. Good for foot injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, heel pain, shin splints and more ■ Exercise: three color-coded resistance bands for toe curl, toe flexion, and dorsiflexion ■ Stretch: platform angle is perfect for stretching the calf muscles, Achilles tendon and plantar fascia ■ Massage: for the arch, heel and Achilles tendon. Fill the massage roller with water and heat or chill to achieve the desired effect 10-4100 Foot Gym Core Stretch ® AnkleTough ® exerciser 10-1376 core stretch ■ perform eversion, dorsiflexion and other ankle exercises ■ each resistance is available in an eight-pack...or choose a set with one each of the four resistances box of 8 pieces x-light white 10-1370 light yellow 10-1371 medium red 10-1372 heavy blue 10-1373 box of 4 pieces 1 of each resistance 10-1374 82 Website Direct Consult No. +966564401554/+966583943888 Fabrication Twitter Enterprises @ArabPT

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