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BeatRoute Magazine BC Print Edition April 2018

BeatRoute Magazine is a monthly arts and entertainment paper with a predominant focus on music – local, independent or otherwise. The paper started in June 2004 and continues to provide a healthy dose of perversity while exercising rock ‘n’ roll ethics. Currently BeatRoute’s AB edition is distributed in Calgary, Edmonton (by S*A*R*G*E), Banff and Canmore. The BC edition is distributed in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. BeatRoute (AB) Mission PO 23045 Calgary, AB T2S 3A8 E. BeatRoute (BC) #202 – 2405 E Hastings Vancouver, BC V5K 1Y8 P. 778-888-1120


RIO THEATRE 1660 EAST BROADWAY APRIL APRIL 4 PHANTOM THREAD RIOTHEATRE.CA FOR ADDITIONAL DATES A FANTASTIC WOMAN APRIL 5 APRIL 6 APRIL 8 11 APRIL 13 APRIL 15 APRIL 16 APRIL 18 APRIL 19 APRIL 20 APRIL 21 APRIL 22 APRIL 25 APRIL 26 APRIL 27 APRIL MARY AND THE WITCH'S FLOWER RIOTHEATRE.CA FOR ADDITIONAL DATES THE GEEKENDERS PRESENT XXX-MEN BURLESQUE *ALSO APRIL 7! THE BIG LEBOWSKI FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE LADY BIRD I, TONYA THE GENTLEMEN HECKLERS PRESENT HARD TICKET TO HAWAII DAN SAVAGE PRESENTS THE BEST OF THE HUMP FILM FESTIVAL ARMY OF DARKNESS FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE OSCAR-WINNER GARY OLDMAN IN DARKEST HOUR ANYA TAYLOR-JOY, OLIVIA COOKE, AND ANTON YELCHIN THOROUGHBREDS THE FICTIONALS COMEDY CO. PRESENTS IMPROV AGAINST HUMANITY SPRING FLING #IAHATRIO VANCOUVER PREMIERE! DELINQUENT INSTANT THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS SHAKESPEARE AFTER DARK: THE SHAKE & BAKE SHOW HEAVY METAL FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE KITTY NIGHTS WEST PRESENTS EROTIC CITY: A LIVE BAND BURLESQUE TRIBUTE TO PRINCE EARTH DAY! DIRECTLY AFFECTED: PIPELINE UNDER PRESSURE DIRECTOR IN ATTENDANCE FOR Q&A! THE CRITICAL HIT SHOW A LIVE, IMPROVISED EPIC FANTASY! #DNDLIVE STORY STORY LIE DANGER ZONE BROADWAY BURLESQUE: A TRIBUTE TO MUSICALS SATOSHI KON'S PAPRIKA FRIDAY LATE NIGHT MOVIE COMPLETE LISTINGS AT WWW.RIOTHEATRE.CA A Place To Bury Strangers - Pinned Goat Girl Goat Girl Rough Trade Adding to the grand tradition of DIY basement recordings if London had any basements, Goat Girl’s sprawling, 19-track self-titled debut marks a significant achievement in grimy, lo-fi storytelling. Emerging from the fragmented South London indie scene, the album serves as a collection of fast-paced urban observations with lead singer Clottie Cream’s morose drawl as the centerpiece. Elements of punk, psychedelia, and even experimental country spiral and twist their way around Cream’s sharp cultural criticism. Never far removed from the volatile socio-political context of their city, album highlights “Scum,” “Cracker Drool,” and “Country Sleaze’’ serve up tongue-in-cheek critiques of masculinity, humanity, and greater society as a whole. “Creep on the train / I really want to smash your head in” groans Cream on “Creep.” Goat Girl’s self-titled debut is a fast-paced slap in the face, clocking in around 40 minutes they waste no time making a lasting impression. • Jarrett Edmund Guided by Voices Space Gun Rockathon Records The ludicrously prolific Robert Pollard keeps it 100 with a record that maintains the warmth and eclectic energy of his back catalogue as it enters three figures. Tirelessly inventive, the band blazes through a track-list which takes the best of their lo-fi early years and fuses it with Pollard’s arena-sized ambitions and ear for catchy choruses. The opening riffs of the title track sound as clean as anything the band has produced, the DIY grunge of their early years replaced by slick sharpness in instrumentation and singing alike. Warmer cuts such as “Ark Technician” let Pollard slip into nostalgic reverie, a marked contrast from the tight production of the album’s opener. “Blink Blank” has the ragged charm of Zevon later in his life; grizzled vocals and growling guitars coalescing into an energetic cut, its lyrics and tone funny, frank and foreboding all at once. Shades of Earthquake Glue’s glossy, Townsend-scale catchiness show up in the album’s penultimate track “Flight Advantage,” with its bizarre, irresistibly memorable refrain of “Spiders will dance.” The echoing “Got to keep moving” of “Evolution Circus,” along with its scratchy faraway chorus vocals, is indicative of the album’s mood, a largely successful attempt to cut and paste the scale of classics like Alien Lanes with the banter and inimitable character of GBV’s many underrated, inconsistent obscurities. After over 2,000 recordings, Pollard shows no signs of slowing down but rather doubles down with an album which is both a reminder of his extensive years of practice and his zeal for lovable spontaneity. • Cathal Gunning Amen Dunes - Freedom Amen Dunes Freedom Sacred Bones Amen Dunes, a.k.a. sound-shifting rock artist Damon McMahon, has dedicated a lifetime to exploring selfdom through sound. If the past 10 years have been a dark wood of introspective, sometimes alienating incantations, then the project’s newest release is the long-awaited clearing. Freedom, rough and rhythmic, will revive listeners with fresh air and sweet sun. Freedom took three years to make, with help from band mainstays Jordi Wheeler and Parker Kindred, plus newcomers Delicate Steve, electronic musician Panoram and producer Chris Coady (Beach House, TV on the Radio). Despite these decorative changes, Freedom remains a continuation of McMahon’s personal examinations of the self. Each track is a character vignette that represents McMahon, his turbulent past and masculine identity; from the fallen surf hero of psych-pop “Miki Dora” to the rock bent “Blue Rose” about his father. McMahon tackles his mother’s recent death on “Believe,” a song of propulsive percussion upon which he warbles lyrics like “you said you lived out on the wrong side, you said that’s half the fun.” Although each song charters new sonic territory, McMahon houses them under his distinct style and unwavering quest to answer the life-long question: why am I? With Freedom, McMahon delivers an answer of the musical proportions we dreamed, and now know, he is capable of. • Maggie McPhee Preoccupations New Material Flemish Eye The band formerly known as Viet Cong return with a dark, dreamy post-punk record; the most fully-realized evocation of their unrelenting sound yet. The pithy title gives away nothing but the track-list, boasting titles like “Decompose” and “Manipulation,” is indicative of New Material’s mood. “It’s a ode to depression and self sabotage,” says frontman Matt Flegel. Indeed an atmosphere of clamouring unease and instability permeates the album, but spacey production deepens and elevates this darkness over the record’s predecessors. The strongest songs on New Material are studies in pressure as it builds and dissipates, with the instrumentation and singing often at odds in this regard; when lyrics make sense their background is madness and vice versa. On “Disarray,” Flegel’s placid tones remind us “everything you’ve ever been told is a lie” as vibrant drums bounce behind his voice, the beat sounding as relentless as he does retired. On “Antidote,” a steady drumbeat underscores lyrics which are first squawked, then drawled; theatrical yells and emotionless monotone both contrasted with instrumentation which grows more chaotic as verses turn to chanted, repetitive mantras. This confluence of dead-eyed delivery and clattering accompaniment revives potentially cliché lyrics about an 28 April 2018

APRILTUESDAY SUNDAY MONDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 01 Ear Muffs 02 KARAOKE! 03 04 The Garden w/ Tijuana Panthers & Cowgirl Clue 05 Acid Mother’s Temple w/ Yoo Doo Right & V.Vecker Ensemble FRIDAY The w/ Russian Tim & Pavel Bures (EARLY) SWITCH (LATE dance party) 06 SATURDAY 07 Brass (album release) w/ Anchoress, Frank Love & Glad Rags 08 Ear Muffs 09 KARAOKE! 10 11 Beats & Bass Cancer Smasher (Auction / Fundraiser) X.X.T w/ guests 12 Phono Pony, Sorry Edith, The Charm Offensive & Strange Breed 13 The Corps w/ The Skudfux (EARLY) 14 Colby & The Catastrophes w/ Alex Little And The Suspicious Minds (LATE) Lo Moon w/ Kraus 15 Ear Muffs 16 KARAOKE! 17 18 19 Rinse Dream w/ Miesha And The Spanks, Hedks & Shame Cube 20 The Tranzmitors w/ guests 21 Whores w/ Helms Alee & Mess 22 Dave Hause w/ The Drew Thomson Foundation & Jesse Labourdais Elastic Stars w/ Jody Glenham & The Dreamers and Chance Lovett & The Broken Hearted 23 24 Phoebe Bridgers (SOLD OUT) 25 26 The Prettys, Art d’Ecco & Highland Eyeway MAN UP 27 28 Queer Bash Reunion 29 Queers N’ Beers Ear Muffs 30 KARAOKE! (It’s the last night we’re open for business y’all) Tues 03 - Vibe Corridor Tues 17 - Vibe Corridor Thurs 05 - Cuddy Sessions Wed 18 - Soft Spot Tues 10 - Vibe Corridor Thurs 19 - Precious Wed 11 - Spirit Music Tues 24 - Vibe Corridor Thurs 12 - Actual Dads Thurs 26 - Boss Takeover

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