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Teaching and Leadership

Teaching and Leadership History 1996-1998 1999 2000 2001-2002 2003-2004 2005-2006 2007 2008 2009-2013 2014-2016 2 2017 2018 Balmoral School, Tokoroa. Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Tainui Full Primary School, Tokoroa. Year 2/3 Tainui Full Primary School, Tokoroa. (Reading Recovery teacher) Tainui Full Primary School, Tokoroa. N.E/Year1/2 Cambridge Primary School (0.2) Year 5 Cambridge Primary School (0.2) ORRS Teacher Cambridge Primary School (0.6) ORRS, PRT, CRT (All Levels) Cambridge Primary School. Year 1/2 Cambridge Primary School (Junior Syndicate Leader) Year 1/2 Cambridge Primary School (Middle Syndicate Leader) Year 3/4 (eLearning Coach across the school) Cambridge Primary School (Senior Syndicate Leader) Year 4/5, Within-School COL teacher Pekerau School (Year 5/6 Teacher) Professional Development 2018 2017 1999 2000 2016 2015 2014 2007 2013 2012 PB4L Lead Teacher and Co-Coach @ Pekerau School Bruce Moody Math Coaching - 3 year contract, Whole School Dyslexia PLD Ruth Foulkes (Waikato University) 2 year Writing Contract 2017 uLearn, CoL - Coaching (Laurayne Tava), uChoose (Core-Ed) Leadership Mentor eLearning Coach (Barbara Reid - ICT contract), Google (GAFE) Conference First Aid Senior Leadership (Murray Fletcher), Mike Scadden (Learning & the Brain) Kaizen Institute (Developing a ‘Lean’ School), Writing Contract (MOE) OTJ - Writing Workshop (Papamoa School), Phonics - Yolanda Soryl uLearn, Leadership Course, Waikato University, Neil McKay - Learning Disabilities While I might not have listed all the PLD and courses I have attended, some of the most authentic and rich learning I have gained has been from educational podcasts, video interviews, TED talks and professional networking discussions. I participate in several webinars and I read vast amounts of educational literature. I have strong local networks through the Cambridge COL and my BOT involvements.

Leadership Skills • Culturally Competent • Future-Focussed • Experienced and well-respected Leader • Team Player • Sense of Humour (Fun!) • Strong Knowledge of Assessement Practices • Certified Google Educator • Extensive Knowledge of BOT’s • Ability to improve culture • Strong Pedagogy • eLearning Leader • Extensive Curriculum Knowledge • Fun Loving/Humourous • Mentor/Coach to others • Innovative Practioner • Collaborative Teacher •Passionate Enthusiasiam Carol-Lynn’s ability to build strong, positive relationships with children and adults is some of the best I have encountered. Carol- Lynn is innovative and always looking for a new effective way to help learner outcomes. Kate Watson, DP, Cambridge Primary School

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Tutoring Centre, Tutoring Cranbourne, Tutoring Services
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Aktive Coaching & Talent Development 2017
Towards a Better Future
Enhancing Leadership and Clinical Assessment Skills ... - RPNAO
9 May 2012 - Education and Training Directorate - ACT Government