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‘Relaxing’ Meet

‘Relaxing’ Meet Carol-Lynn Hill The Parent The Partner The Person Friends Whanau Xmas Day 2016 What will I do when I first arrive at Wharepapa South School I think it is vitally important that as a new Principal coming into a school, I would need to: Build Relationships - Get to know the staff, children, parents/caregivers, BOT and Community. Observe - Schools have established their own culture, observing how people interact, conduct themselves and generally watch how things are done at WSS. Active Listening - This is so important to all people involved with the school. I have a number of Principal friends/mentors who will be a valuable resource for me as a first time Principal. I will listen and learn from all stakeholders. Learn - Learn about what is signifiantly important and what makes WSS so special. Understand - and learn about the current systems and administration. Time - Spend time in the community and attending all community events and entrenching myself and my whanau in the Wharepapa South School culture! Be Available - Meet with EVERY parent within the first week Have FUN! - Be myself and allow my natural passion for fun and learning to shine.

Education Philosophy My personal stance on educational leadership and the role of the principal as leader of learning: • LEADERSHIP IS TEAMWORK …it is about shared roles, collaboration, effective communication and professional interactions which are focused on student achievement. • LEADERSHIP IS CONTEXTUAL ...and as such requires that situations be approached individually, with sensitivity, responsibility, with deep respect for culture, managed with professionalism and fairness, to achieve socially just outcomes. • LEADERSHIP IS HAVING VISION ...for the future, strategic planning to manage change, and innovation for rich, meaningful learning experiences so that individual potential is reached by all. • LEADERSHIP IS REFLECTIVE AND RELATIONAL …building strong relationship with all stakeholders in the school community is vital. Being a reflective practictioner/leader enables opportunities for continual improvement. “Carol-Lynn was an active, and well-respected member of the Leadership KIC (Kaihoe Inquiry Circle) group in the Te Puna o Kemureti Kahui Ako" (2017). Mike Malcolm, Lead Principal for Te Puna o Kemureti Kahui Ako Strategic Management • Been a part of the Management Team that helped develop and review and implement our school’s Strategic Plan. • As Board Chair at Leamington School I led and maintained the vision of the school and regularly consulted with the school community on developing the Annual Development Plan. • As Board Chair at Cambridge Middle School, I currently lead meetings and have a good understanding of NAGS and how boards function. I understand the relationship between Board Chair and Principal is vitally important.

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