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IDFWO Programmes in Photos A look at the organisation’s flagship projects which help bring some light to the lives of widows and orphans of Israel’s fallen defenders BAR/BAT MITZVAH TRIPS TO NORTH AMERICA Orphaned Bar/Bat Mitzvah children are given the adventure of a lifetime as they join a jam-packed three-week trip to North America. These fully subsidised trips offer children memories they will treasure forever. UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS IDFWO offers scholarships to orphans looking to embark on the next stage of their academic lives. With many children coming from homes with one breadwinner, the scholarships help ease the financial burden and enable them to achieve their dreams. 18 IDFWO MARCH 2018

BAR/BAT MITZVAH IN JERUSALEM As IDFWO children begin their journey into adulthood as they reach Bar/ Bat Mitzvah age, the organisation offers them an annual celebration at one of Judaism’s holiest sites: the Western Wall. While the loss of a parent is even more pronounced on such a momentous occasion, the organisation works hard to make sure these children are not alone. With the help of the President of Israel, Defence Minister, Chief of Staff and other family members, children are surrounded by those who love and care for them the most. WIDOWS’ RETREAT The annual retreat offers a safe haven for widows who are able to bond with other women who also have suffered loss and enables them to recharge their batteries so they can return to their children calm, refreshed and ready to take on the world. All photos provided by the IDFWO. IDFWO MARCH 2018 19