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Match Day Programme for Sittingbourne v Molesey 7th April 2018


DATE OPPOSITION COMP Sc ATT 1 2 3 4 5 Sat Aug 12 Tue Aug 15 Sat Aug 19 Tue Aug 22 Sat Aug 26 Mon Aug 28 Sat Sep 02 Tue Sep 05 Sun Sep 10 Tue Sep 12 Sat Sep 16 Tue 19 Sept Sat Sep 23 Tue Sep 26 Sat Sep 30 Tue Oct 03 Sat Oct 07 Tue Oct 10 Sat Oct 14 Sat Oct 21 Tue Oct 24 Sat Oct 28 Tue Oct 31 Sat Nov 04 Tue Nov 07 Sat Nov 11 Mon 13 Nov Sat Nov 18 Tue Nov 21 Sat Nov 25 Tue Nov 28 Sat Dec 02 Tue Dec 05 Wed Dec 13 Sat Dec 16 Sat Dec 23 Tue Dec 26 Sat Dec 30 Sat Jan 06 Tue Jan 09 Sat Jan 13 Sat Jan 20 Sat Jan 27 Sat Feb 17 Sat Feb 24 Tue Mar 06 Sat Mar 10 Tue Mar 13 Thur Mar 22 Sat Mar 24 Tue Mar 27 Mon Apr 02 Sat Apr 07 Wed Apr 11 Sat Apr 14 Tue Apr 17 Sat Apr 21 Sat Apr 28 Chipstead League HERNE BAY League Pagham FA Cup PR PAGHAM FA Cup Rep Lewes League ASHFORD UNITED League WHYTELEAFE League Faversham Tn KSC Thamesmead Tn League Faversham Tn League VCD ATH League Dover Athletic KSC Horsham League RAMSGATE Velocity Tro HYTHE TOWN League Herne Bay League Ashford United FAT PR MERSTHAM Velocity Tro Shoreham League CHIPSTEAD League CRAY WDRS League MERSTHAM FAT 1st Qual Merstham FAT Replay PHOENIX SPORTS League FAVERSHAM TWN League HARINGEY BORO FAT 2nd Qual Haringey Boro FAT Replay SOUTH PARK League Molesey League CORINTHIAN CAS League Wingate & Finchley Velocity Tro East Grinstead T League Walton Cas League Cray Wdrs League Greenwich Boro League LEWES League Ashford United League Whyteleafe League Carshalton Ath League GUERNSEY League HASTINGS UTD League VCD Ath League HORSHAM League EAST GRINSTEAD T League Corinthian Cas League RAMSGATE League Guernsey League WALTON CAS League South Park League SHOREHAM League GREENWICH BORO League Ramsgate League MOLESEY League Hythe Town League Phoenix Sports League THAMESMEAD T League CARSHALTON ATH League Hastings Utd League A H A H A H H A A A H A A H H A A H A H H H A H H H A H A H A A A A A H A A A H H A H H A H A H A H H A H A A H H A 2-1 3-0 1-1 0-1 2-2 0-0 2-1 2-1 2-2 0-1 3-2 2-2% 5-1 2-0 1-0 1-0 3-0 1-0 4-0 1-0 0-0 1-1 2-0 0-1 1-2 1-1 0-1 0-3 3-2 2-2 2-3 3-1 0-3 2-3 1-5 0-1 1-3 1-2 0-3 4-0 2-1 1-3 1-3 1-2 1-3 2-3 0-3 0-2 2-1 1-0 1-2 1-1 73 222 124 152 446 207 122 tba 134 205 147 209 161 104 158 263 325 126 108 151 160 165 126 154 176 134 177 112 58 147 71 120 85 127 97 158 334 194 378 93 164 80 159 141 201 97 628 75 77 142 92 206 Hawkes* Hawkes Hawkes Hawkes Brooks Brooks Hawkes Brooks Hawkes Hawkes Hawkes Brooks Hawkes Brooks Hawkes Brooks Hawkes Brooks Hawkes Hawkes Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Hawkes Hawkes Roberts Hawkes Brooks Carey Brooks Brooks Carey Carey Carey Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Otuyo Otuyo Otuyo Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Webber Webber Adekoya Webber Webber Adekoya Webber Adeyoya Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Kisitu* Kisitu Kisitu* Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Kisitu Kisitu Webber Webber Webber* Webber Kisitu 1 Webber Webber 1 Webber Webber Kisitu Kisitu Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Webber Dorling Dorling Dorling* Dorling Dorling Brown+ Brown Webber Brown Brown Webber Elliott Webber* Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott* Brown Elliott* Ball Ball Brown Elliott Elliott Elliott Elliott Ball Ball Ball Kisitu Kisitu Kisitu Elliott* Elliott Kisitu Kisitu Kisitu Kisitu Elliott* Kisitu Kisitu Kisitu Kisitu Elliott Elliott* Kisitu Kisitu Blewordah Blewordah Blewordah Blewordah Blewordah Blewordah Blewordah Blewordah Blewordah Okimeji Okimeji Okimeji Okimeji Guthrie Guthrie* Brown Allan Brown Brown* Brown Coker Brown* Guthrie 1 Brown Guthrie* Brown Guthrie* Brown* Okimeji* Guthrie* Brown Guthrie Guthrie Brown* Okimeji* Brown Brown* Okimeji Coker* 1 Coker* 1 Guthrie* Guthrie* Smith* 1 Okimeji Okimeji Okimeji* Okimeji* Davisson* Parkinson* Parkinson* Parkinson* Davisson Davisson Davisson Allen* Allen Parkinson* Allen Parkinson Crimmen Chambers Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham 1 Gorham Gorham Coker Gorham Gorham Gorham* Allan Gorham 1 Ball 1 Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham+ Gorham Ball Gorham 1 Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Gorham Webber Webber Ball Ball Dorling Allan+ Dorling Dorling* Allan Allan Allan Allan* Webber KEY to above grid: @ = After Extra Time & = Lost on Pens + = Own Goal # = Sent Off 1,2,3, etc after players name = goals scored * = Subs used and players substituted ** = Sub was Substituted

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 Ball 1 Ball Ball Ball* Ball* Allan Allan Brown Allan Allan Allan Dawodu 1 Coker* Coker Coker Coker Coker Allan Coker Coker Coker Coker Coker Coker Coker Coker Coker Ball Ball Allan Guthrie Coker Coker Coker# Coker Alan Allan Ball Coker Coker 1 Coker Coker Allan* Allan Dorling Allan Allan Webber Webber Webber* Chambers* Crimmen Phillip* Phillip* Phillip* Phillip Phillip Carvalho Phillip Blake* Phillip Phillip* Phillip* Guthrie Phillip 1 Batula* Phillip Phillip* Phillip* Loynes Loynes Loynes Loynes Loynes Phillip 1 Phillip Loynes* Loynes* Guthrie* Phillip* Webber Phillip* Smith* Loynes* Loynes Phillip* Webber Phillip* Phillip* Guthrie* Phillip* Dawodu Dawodu Dawodu* Loynes 1 Loynes* Loynes Smith* 1 Smith* Dua Loynes* Loynes Parkinson 1 Ardeniz Dawodu Dawodu 1 Guthrie Guthrie Dowadu Dawodu Dawodu Dowadu 1 Dawodu* 1 Blake* Dawodu 1 Batula* Dawodu 1 Dawodu Dawodu 1 Dawodu Guthrie* Dawodu Dawodu Dawodu Dawodu Dowodu Dawodu Dawodu Okimeji Dawodu Dawodu Okimeji Dawodu Webber Okimeji Davisson Davisson Davisson Davisson Davisson* Davisson Davisson Dawodu Davisson* Davisson Davisson 1 Dawodu* Guthrie* Okimeji Okimeji Okimeji Guthrie Chambers Chambers Algar* Parkinson* Rowland* Rowland 1 Rowland Rowland Rowland* Rowland* Rowland 1 Smith* 1 Rowland Rowland Rowland Smith* Rowland Smith* Rowland Rowland Rowland* 2 Smith* 1 Rowland* 2 Rowland 1 Rowland* Rowland Rowland Rowland* Rowland Rowland 1 Rowland Rowland Rowland 2 Rowland 1 Dawodu Rowland 1 Rowland Rowland 1 Rowland Rowland Rowland Rowland 1 Rowland Rowland 2 Rowland 2 Rowland Rowland Rowland 1 Rowland Rowland Rowland Rowland Rowland Rowland Rowland Rowland* Cornwell* Cornwell* Dawodu 1 Dowadu Loynes* 1 Loynes* Loynes* 1 Carvalho Loynes* Dawodu Loynes 1 Cornwell* Cornwell 2 Cornwell* Cornwell* Cornwell* 1 Cornwell Cornwell* Cornwell Cornwell* Cornwell Cornwell* Smith* Smith* Curnwell* Cornwell* Cornwell* Dawodu Cornwell 1 Cornwell Cornwell Cornwell * 1 Cornwell* Cornwell Cornwell Cornwell Cornwell Cornwell* Cornwell* Cornwell 1 Cornwell Cornwell Cornwell Dawodu* Dawodu* 1 Loynes Loynes Algar* Dua* Dua 1 Smith Dua* Carvalho* Carvalho* Caevalho Smith* Smith Smith Carvalho* Loynes Carvalho Loynes Smith* Loynes Loynes Carvalho Loynes* Carvalho Carvalho Carvalho Carvalho* Carvalho Carvalho Carvalho Loynes* Loynes* Carvalho Carvalho Loynes* Loynes Loynes* Loynes Loynes Dawodu 1 Dawodu Dawodu* Guthrie Dawodu Dawodu Dawodu Guthrie Bartlett* Bartlett* Bartlett* Smith* Bartlett Bartlett Bartlett Bartlett* Smith* Smith* Smith Loynes Loynes Guthrie* Guthrie* Cornwell Allan* Carvalho* Cornwell* Smith* Henry* Blake* Adekoya Cornwell* Phillip* Guthrie* Phillip* Carvalho* Allan Dawodu* Phillip Phillip* 1 Phillip* Phillip Phillip Allan Allan* Dawodu* 1 Phillip* Phillip* Cornwell* Guthrie* Usman* Phillip* Smith* Elliott* Elliott* Allan Guthrie* Smith* Smith* Okimeji* Smith* Ayaloo Smith* Guthrie* Hatfull Guthrie* Horn Brooks Wait Holder Elliott* Allen Allen Smith* 1* Smith* 1 Allan Carvalho* Cornwell* Blake Brooks Guthrie* Smith* 1 Guthrie* Coker* 1 Blake* Brooks Loynes* Smith* Smith* Loynes* Coker Brooks Smith* Smith* Smith* 1 Brown Cornwell* Smith* Smith* Smith* Allan Smith* Allen Ball Elliott* Allan Guthrie* Smith* Smith* Guthrie* Allan* Elliott* Allan Smith Guthrie Dorling* Allen* Allen* Dua* Dua* Bartlett* Hatfull* Hatfull* Hatfull* Elliott Allan Allan* Smith* Adekoya Allan* Brown* Blake* Rowland* Okimeji** Smith* Blake Brown Smith Rowland* Allan Brown* Smith* 1 Rowland* Allan Allan Allan Allan Cornwell* Carvalho* Allan Guthrie* Okimeji Smith Davis Smith* Allan* Brown* Brown* Allan* Ball Davis Ball Parkinson* Parkinson* Guthrie* Guthrie* Phillip*+ Bartlett* Smith* Smith* Usman* Phillp* Okimeji* Akdeniz* Guthrie* Dua* Smith* Adekoya* Adekoya Blake Blake Adekoya Phillip* Adekoya Gorham Guthrie Carvalho* Guthrie* Rowland* Carvalho* Allan Ball Loynes* Elliott Okimeji* Okimeji* Guthrie* Okimeji** Guthrie* Kisitu Okimeji Phillip* Brown Ball Guthrie** Ball Allen Allan Smith* Ball Davis Ball Elliott Davis Carey Okimeji* Cue* Loynes* Usman Okimeji* Horn Brooks Hatfull* Allen* SRowland* Algar Elliott* SRowland* Brooks Brooks Brooks Brooks Blake Hawkes Davis Brooks Brooks Brooks Hawkes Allan* Davis Guthrie* Elliott Allan Hawkes Smith* 1 Brooks Brown* Webber** Carvalho* Brown Guthrie Ball Carvalho* Elliott* Brooks Usman Carey Brooks Brooks Brooks Carey Carey Carey Allan Carey Allan” Davis Riches Farelly Brooks Otuyo SRowland Farrelly Guthrie* The Offical Sittingbourne FC Website for up to the minute news and stats. News, Reports, Fixtures, Photo’s, Ex Players, Brickies Lottery winners, Directions and much more. Also an extensive archive. Follow us on Twitter @SittingbourneFC

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