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YOUTH CORNER P o w e r e

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Y O U T H C O R N E R PROFESSION OR ENTREPRENEURSHIP? You have now finished High School and your marks look good, perhaps even better than you anticipated. What is the next step? For most matriculants, this is not even a question. Everyone’s dream when they start their year in matric is to be accepted at that university or college so that they can go and further their studies. They see themselves in tertiary with all other students, and it is a mark of achievement. Those that are unable to pursue their studies because of financial limitations are discouraged or miserable because they have or are missing the success train. They find work either to sustain themselves and their families and for some, to pay for their tuition. Do not let society define or classify you! Most of the decisions made by humanity are decisions made for them by society. In everything in life, it is important to know your identity and therefore your purpose. You cannot get through life without knowledge of these two important factors of your existence. It is the lack of knowledge thereof that leads us to following paths that are not designed for us. Your purpose basically gives you a road map of your targeted success in life, and your identity helps you achieve this success. In South Africa, the unemployment rate is a major problem for qualified graduates and it can be very frustrating. We have already established that the major contributor to this rate of unemployment is the quality of education offered by the tertiary institutions; education that does not encourage creative thinking. So what then becomes the point for the qualification if you cannot use it to initiate progress in your life? We could say knowledge, but if the education itself does not promote self sustenance and creativity, what knowledge are you gaining and what is its benefit for your life? The education gained in the years of your study should be able to uplift you to the next level of your life. If it doesn’t, like the South African one, be ready and willing to study up to the level of at least a Masters degree or a certain level of professional qualification for you to have significance in the job market. An undergraduate qualification is as good as nothing, unless you are fine with extended administrative assignments. Entrepreneurship on the other hand is a God given ability. It comes or can be realised in different forms. One can be an entrepreneur in entertainment or sports, using their God given talents. One can be an entrepreneur amongst many in fashion; cooking; events management; hair; agriculture or even vending, which are also a God given talent. The list is endless. Entrepreneurship gives you access to a creative and self sustaining mindset. You are able to identify opportunities and convert them into a profitable business. This is the mindset that is needed for every country’s economy. Hence many countries provide support to entrepreneurship. The idea is not to give up on further studies, but to engage your mind in a productive and creative manner. When you study while working, you become more engaged and subsequently more creative than a person that just acquires information and not immediately put it into practise. There are high chances of that person forgetting the information or lacking knowledge of how to incorporate it with reality. Meaning that you will have basic understanding of your field and will require further training; something companies have no time or interest in doing. In business, time is money and any time spent on training someone is money lost. Be broadminded! Do not limit yourself by conforming to classifications of society or the world. Empower yourself with knowledge necessary for your field of interest in every way possible that is available to you. Those that take a gap year, stand a better chance of finishing their exact desired qualifications than those that rush to tertiary without properly identifying their appropriate needs and necessary education required thereof. College drop-outs are a reality and a total waste of time and money. Make an effort to know and satisfy yourself! April 2018 17

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