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X O D U S On the Cover

X O D U S On the Cover ‘From Babylon to America’ is a film written and produced by the School for Prophets. The film’s narration is done by Jan Capa, also known on social media by his nickname Attila Kakarott. The school is a film production with its main focus on interpreting the bible, word and prophecy and broadcast the teachings through their YouTube channel. The film focuses on the prophecy told by Daniel in Daniel 2, regarding a dream King Nebuchadnezzar had about a statue. It continues to narrate further through the vision Daniel had about the beasts in Daniel 7, in conjunction with John the Baptist’s vision in the book of Revelation 13. 20

On the cover … It is important to note the following prophetic representation of the symbolic elements in these visions to have a better understanding. Attila interprets them as follows: Dragon: Satan Beast: Political or Super Power; Kingdom; Nation Sea/Water: People; Densely populated area Earth: Sparsely populated area Horn: King; Power or Principle Blasphemy: Claiming to be God on earth or having power to forgive sin Time/Day: Year 42 Months : 3.5 years; 1260 days (30 days p/m as per Hebrew calendar) April 2018 21

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