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On the cover … 4TH

On the cover … 4TH BEAST (ROMAN EMPIRE) The 4th Beast in Daniel 7:7 with iron teeth and ten horns refers to the Roman Empire. Daniel continues to say that three of the ten horns were uprooted and in their place a little horn rose. We have already noted in the interpretation of the statue that the Roman Empire was divided into ten tribes, of which three became extinct. What is then represented by the little horn with human eyes and mouth, and spoke arrogantly or blaspheming God? THE LITTLE HORN Interpretation as per Daniel 7:24-25. The horn was said that it would reign for time, times and half a time (42 months equalling to 1260 days equivalent to 1260 years). That it would come amongst the ten horns, meaning it would be a king or kingdom coming from the Roman Empire or Europe after its division (AD476), but it would be different from the other kingdoms. The human eyes and mouth mean that it would have a man as its figure head. This head would blaspheme God (claim to be God on earth or claim to forgive sin), wage war against His people and will try to change the times and the laws of the kingdom of God. The Papacy, the government of the Roman Catholic Church and the period its Pope shall reign. You will remember that in the previous interpretation of the feet with clay and iron, it was noted that the Roman Catholic Church was given political, civil and religious power after the Roman Empire’s division, and its Roman Bishop (the Pope) was made the head of the church. The Vatican ascended to power and authority in 538AD, with Pope Vigilius as its 1 st official Pope. The Papacy blocked up three of the ten tribes that divided Rome, the tribes that went extinct. The tribes denied the teachings of the Church of Rome. The Bishop then called for the three tribes to be gotten rid of. It is a diverse kingdom as it is a union of Church and State. The head of this entity (the Pope) claims to be Jesus Christ, and the Papacy claims to have the authority of God “The Bishop of Rome is not only the representative of Christ, but Jesus Christ himself hidden under a veil of flesh” – Archbishop of Venice (Pope Pius X) “We hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty” - Letters to Leo XIII Page 304 The duty of the Priest is also that of forgiving sin “We’re the redeemer to descend into a church, and sit in a confessional to administer the sacrament of penance, and a Priest to sit in a confessional. Jesus would say over each Penitent: ‘Ego Te Absolvo’ (Latin for I forgive you). The Priest would likewise say over each of his Penitents . ‘Ego Te Absolvo’ and the penitents of each would be equally absolved. - Dignity and duties of the Priest, Pg 34 Ligonier). These two are equivalent to blaspheming God. 26

On the cover … Over 100 million Christians were killed by the Papacy during the ‘dark ages’. A period when the bible was illegal, and being caught with one resulted in you being tortured and killed. Unfortunately, no one can change the law and prophecy of God. However, around 1500-1600, the papacy hired two priests (Francisco Ribera & Luis de Alcaza) to counter the historicist view of bible prophecy. The aim was to point people away from identifying the Papacy as an Antichrist power of scripture. “The Bishop of Rome is of so great authority and power that it can modify, explain, or interpret even divine laws … The Bishop of Rome can modify divine laws, since his power is not of a man, but of God, and he acts as Vicegerent (representative) of God upon earth.” – Lucius Ferraris Prompta Bibliotheca Article: ‘Papa’ II, Vol VI, Pg 29. The Roman Catholic did however manage to change God’s Holy Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday (Catholic record of London, Ontario – Sept 1, 1923). This as their act of authority. “Sunday is our mark of authority … the church is above the bible, and this transference of SABBATH observance is proof of that authority” - Catholic record of London, Ontario – Sept 1, 1923 FROM OLD WORLD TO NEW WORLD In 1798AD, Napoleon Bonaparte rebelled against the Papacy and sent his general to arrest the Pope and subsequently claimed Rome, taking the power away from the Papacy. 1798AD – 538AD = 1260 years. This was the birth of Protestantism. April 2018 27

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