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X O D U S INSPIRATION What is your stand? Envy is for the ignorant; fighting for the misinformed; jealousy for the fooled and arrogance for the afraid. You have been given a spirit of love, power and sound mind! You cannot envy another's position without envying their problems. One envies because they do not know who they are – their identity. They do not know that they are God's unique creation created for a special purpose. Therefore, God will assign to them a journey aligned with the fulfilment of that purpose. He will also bless them according to that purpose. Stay in your lane, envy is not your portion. You have been given a spirit of sound mind, self control. Fighting is not your portion. If you have to fight to be heard, God is not in control there but the spirit of the enemy. Whoever comes to you with sleeves up geared to fight, look past them to see the force behind their actions. Where there is God there is peace. You cannot fight or argue with spirits. Rather say a little prayer and hold your tongue. You will see how powerful that is, and the devil will be shamed! It takes good practice but it works. Why should you be jealous of another's success or achievement? Do you know the walk they had to walk to get there? Everyone will be answerable to Christ on the last day. Jealousy is like saying that the other is not worthy to have, but you are. The word says 'the unconverted pursue these things but our Father in heaven knows that we need them'. If the Father has not yet given you what you believe you should have and you need, it means that it is not yet time for you to have it. You are not yet ready to receive what He has apportioned for you. Check yourself. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord… Fear is a disease that penetrates your spirit like a virus. It starts with insecurity/self judgement followed by self doubt, then ignorance which leads to arrogance. You cannot make your presence felt by instilling fear unto others or controlling them. You also cannot do it by conforming to other's lifestyle and classification. You have to know who you are and what you stand for in order to have a positive influence. Arrogance is equal to stupidity. You become arrogant because you are unaware that you have become insecure and ignorant. A misinformed action is a stupid action. Know yourself, know your fears and find a better way to address them. God gave to every woman, inner strength and to every man, physical strength. Through that strength she is able to stand even when she has been tossed around, belittled, taken for granted, rejected, physically abused or even raped. Through his, he is able to work hard for his family no matter what life throws at him. There is no situation that is special. Whatever you are going through, someone else also did and through their God given strength, they thrived instead of falling. The enemy cannot take away that strength except through fear; ignorance; self doubt; envy; jealousy and arrogance. Stand tall child of God no matter the situation, knowing that your father in heaven will lift you out in a manner that glorifies His name, in the most perfect time. You may believe that you need it now, but God says you need me more so seek me. Then in perfect time you shall have it. In perfect time you will get what our father apportions, abundance perfect for you! April 2018 9

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