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New pay lounge at Changi

New pay lounge at Changi The fact that another pay-per-use lounge has opened at Singapore Changi Airport may not seem like a newsworthy event at first. However, its location is great news for travellers who are looking for comfort in the public (presecurity) area of the airport. Henrik Hanevold, sales manager Nordics Leisure Sales, getting the latest news about the new lounge at Changi Airport from Samantha Lim and Samantha Lim and Nessa Lim, both from JetQuay. The Haven by JetQuay is situated in the Terminal 3 Arrivals Area, making it ideal for travellers who have just arrived from a long flight and need for a place to shower and rest without the expense or hassle of finding a hotel outside of the airport. The lounge is accessible for use by passengers in transit, arriving passengers who have cleared Customs, as well as departing passengers prior to checking-in with their airline. This is the only pay-per-use lounge available in the public area. The lounge features nap rooms and showers that travellers can pay to use as individual services or as part of a package for a reasonable fee. The services and facilities are available on a first-come-first-served basis though a limited number of advance reservations for Nap Rooms will be accepted. Showers If you would like to freshen up before or after your flight, there are 13 shower rooms equipped with rain-shower heads. The cost to use the shower is (approx. US$ 8). Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, bath towel and built-in hairdryer are included. Nap Rooms Each of the 18 Nap Rooms feature a bed, TV, LAN Internet connection and vanity table. The rooms, which can accommodate one adult and one child, are available for a minimum of three hours) and can be extended with additional hourly charges .. The three-hour rate of includes use of the shower, a hot meal and lounge access. 20 >> Travel Trade OUTBOUND - Scandinavia

Egypt towards recovery Egypy looking at a positive future. Egypt aims to build on its strong recovery in 2017 by attracting more visitors through a better marketing strategy, new tourism minister Rania Al-Mashat told fvw at ITB. The country’s first female tourism minister, a trained economist, is conducting an in-depth review of activities and is already forming a clear view of what needs to be improved. “We must be more flexible and faster with our marketing,” said Al-Mashat, adding that Egypt needs to find a story to tell and then adapt it for different key source markets. Al-Mashat also underlined her intention to make Egypt a more attractive destination for a wider range of tourists. The new face in charge of Egyptian tourism hailed last year’s dramatic improvement in fortunes. Visitor numbers jumped 54 per cent to a total of almost 8.3 million, while tourism revenues soared 123 per cent to reach US$7.6 billion. The country is working hard to get itself back to the peak year of 2010 when 14.7 million tourists visited. The crucial Nordic market played a key role in the recovery in 2017, jumping 88 per cent to 1.2 million as tourists regained their confidence in Red Sea beach holidays. Prospects look good for further growth this year, with summer holiday bookings up by two-thirds so far, according to market research company GfK. Fam-shop in the Faroes The FAROE ISLANDS FAM-SHOP is an annual event which takes place in the spring. The purpose of the event is to create a marketplace where international buyers can meet the suppliers in Faroese tourism and to show the buyers what the Faroe Islands have to offer the clients as a tourist destination. Susanna Sørensen: “We’ll tell the buyers about the destination and give a personal insight into our nature, culture, activities and the variety of experiences that one can have in the Faroes.” The FAROE ISLANDS FAM-SHOP event will take place in the Faroe Islands from 26 – 29 April, 2018. Susanna Sørensen from Visit Faroe Islands and Henny á Líknagøtu from Smyril Line are telling visitors to the booth at ITB about The Faroe Island FAM-Shop in April. Travel Trade OUTBOUND - Scandinavia