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2018 hectic to Icelandair Beside opening five new American desstination during May and June, the airline will double the flights to Tampa from two to four weekly and going from five to seven weekly to Orlando, which means that the sunny Florida will get 11 flights a week from Scandinavia The Fllorida flights will start in the fall. The flights to Tampa will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. It will be possible to combine the two Florida- destinations and also a tird destination Iceland with a free stop-over to or from the US.. SVP sales & marketing Gudmundur Oskarsson and head of marketing &PR Jon Skafti Kristjansson were happy about how the Icelandair event went. Keflavik Airport smashes records and storms into 2018 Many new Icelandair routes in 2018. Busy KEF departure finger Growing by an immense 28% in passenger numbers, Keflavik Airport welcomed 8.8 million passengers by the end of 2017. Seeing nearly two million more passengers than the year before, the Icelandic hub has witnessed balanced growth across O&D and connecting traffic, resulting in another record-breaking year for the gateway. “It’s exhilarating to be part of the rapid growth we’re experiencing here at Keflavik and it’s showing no signs of slowing down,” enthuses Hlynur Sigurdsson, Commercial Director, Isavia. He adds: “To get a clear idea of how rapidly our airport is growing, just two years ago we welcomed 4.8 million passengers which means in 24 months we’ve nearly doubled our traffic. Forecasts are already suggesting we will not only hit the definitive 10 million passenger mark but significantly pass it this year.” In 2017, a total of 107 destinations in 33 countries had a direct connection from Keflavik, operated by 32 airlines. Serving its furthest point Los Angeles (6,942 kilometres) 270 times during the year, its closest Vagar (803 kilometres) 43 times, Copenhagen was however the most frequently-served destination with around 1,750 flights throughout the year. The most heavily-used aircraft type at the airport in 2017 was the 757-200, followed by the A321. Airline Destination Start Frequency Icelandair Dublin 8 May Six times weekly Luxair Luxembourg (new) 9 May Weekly Icelandair Cleveland 16 May Four times weekly United Airlines New York Newark 23 May Daily Icelandair Dallas/Fort Worth 30 May Four times weekly 2018 new routes Boosting its well-established strong route network, the airport is already scheduled to launch a further 14 links in the first half of 2018. With five of the new routes within Europe, the remaining will significantly increase Iceland’s links to North America, resulting in Keflavik being connected continent. 8 >> Travel Trade OUTBOUND - Scandinavia

New transfer to KEF Hjorcar Sæberg Hognason has taken initiative to start a new transfer line to KEF Airport. From now they have a 24/7 service desk in the arrival hall at the airport. Besides the buses will be parked right outside the terminal. “We will offer a fast and frequent service with four service levels, connecting pax to all arriving and departing flights and have a new service Airport Direct Economy. A direct service between the airport and the city center”, says Hognason. HJORVAR Sæberg Hognason together with a client and old friend Clive Stacey. Celtic festival at Nova Scotia The Celtic Colours International Festival is a unique celebration of Cape Breton Island’s living traditional culture. For nine days in October you’ll discover hundreds of events and activities taking place in communities around the Island. Since its introduction in 1997, Celtic Colours has grown to become one of Canada’s premiere musical events, and a cultural highlight of Nova Scotia’s tourism season. The festival has also been successful in extending Cape Breton Island’s tourism season well into the Autumn, and introducing the musical culture of Cape Breton to tens of thousands of visitors from more than two dozen countries. At one of the many concerts you’ll find some of the world’s finest musicians sharing the stage with Cape Breton’s best singers, dancers, players, story-tellers and culture bearers in venues that range from community halls and churches to modern schools and theatres. Ensuring you have plenty of things to do, Celtic Colours also offers five types of community cultural events. • The Learning Opportunities series will entertain and enlighten you with a variety of workshops, presentations, demonstrations and lectures on Celtic history, music, dance, art, craft and community heritage. • At Participatory Events you are welcome as a spectator or to immerse yourself in the action and join in on a Square Dance, session or milling frolic. • Get outside and enjoy the spectacular scenery at one of the Outdoor Events. Guided walks, hikes, and boat tours put you in the fresh air. • The Visual Arts Series offers a wide variety of events for art enthusiasts, skilled artists, hobbyists, and collectors. Exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops celebrate the creative spirit that thrives on Cape Breton. • Break bread together and share a home-cooked meal at one of the many Community Meals or visit one of the Farmers’ Markets where you’ll find locally grown food, honey and handmade goods. The festival is held during Cape Breton’s most spectacular season when the leaves are turning colour and the vibrant reds, yellows, and oranges bring the breathtaking scenery to life as you travel from event to event. These travels may take you around the pristine Bras d’Or Lake, Canada’s largest saltwater lake, or around the Cabot Trail, often called North America’s most scenic drive. Wherever you go in Cape Breton at this time of year, you are bound to find amazing scenery around every turn. Come celebrate Cape Breton Island's Celtic Colours International Festival this year from Friday, October 5 to Saturday, October 13. HJORVAR Sæberg Hognason together with a client and old friend Clive Stacey. Travel Trade OUTBOUND - Scandinavia