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Transformation 11 commitment. This was a clear indication that she was done with her land, culture, people, gods or whatever it is that Moab had to offer. Whatever happens after that, she would take it as long as she is with Naomi. This was pure devotion. Her heart was totally sold out to Naomi. She willingly gave herself up for Naomi, and to Naomi. This, I believe, is why she did not find it hard to submit to her authority. Giving yourself up for someone or to someone does not necessarily mean dying for them. In contrast, it's living for them. It's dedicating yourself to them and for them and this requires actions. It means doing what the other person wants as well as putting them before yourself. They simply become your priority. If we look at the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will realize that Jesus lived a life of sacrifice. He gave Himself up to His Father and for His Father. He lived the kind of life that God wanted Him to live and did what He wanted Him to do. This is why it was not hard for Him to submit to the will of God. He was obedient to His Father's will, even when it was hard to do so. Three times Jesus went and prayed, "not my will, but Yours" Matthew 2639-44. Laying down your life is not ending it; it's giving your life, committing or ordaining your life to God alone. T

Transformation 12 The key to overcoming insecurity The thief comes only in order to steal, kill and destroy. I have come in order that you might have life-life in all its fullness (John 10:10) GNT. Whether its self doubt, negative thoughts, or fear of what others think of us, insecurity is real and it holds us back from becoming the people who God created us to be. We need freedom – freedom of Christ – to be able to live victoriously and live the kind of life Jesus died to give us. The enemy knows that the most powerful person on earth is a free person; the person who has been set free by the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. This kind of person is able to rise above the lies of the enemy and walk in truth because it is truth that sets us free and Jesus is the truth that leads to life. Therefore, one of the most powerful weapons the enemy uses to keep us in bondage is called insecurity. Insecurity has been and still is a disaster in the generations past and also in our own generation. It is an underlying emotion that overwhelmingly shapes our self image and influences our behavior. It is a deception of who we are in Christ Jesus; a deception that seeks to rob us of our true identity in Christ Jesus. Websters dictionary defines insecurity as not confident or sure, uncertain, not adequately guarded or sustained, not firmly fastened or fixed. It causes us to belittle ourselves and to believe in self fabricated lies as far as our identity is concerned. There are so many of us who are living in constant fear, anxiety and worry because of insecurity. It causes us to get >>

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