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Editor's note Hurray!

Editor's note Hurray! It's a month of love, and who doesn't want to be loved? People love for dierent reasons and they show their love in dierent ways. Either way it's still love, right? Well, in our #LoveIssue this month, we introduce you to another kind of love maybe you don't know exists. It's called Agape love. This is the kind of love that shows itself in action. It's sacrificial love. Love that devotes total commitment to seek highest best no matter how anyone may respond. It's giving love - giving without taking. Still on that, have you ever loved someone someone so much to an extent of laying down your life for them? This is what Christ Jesus did and you can too. Learn more about God's unconditional love for us, laying down your life for another, the three types of God's will and how each can aect your life and relationship with God and much more. I wish you a Happy Valentine. God bless you! Ashlly Ruth For inquiries, feedback, questions or suggestions Email: Website: Facebook: @ashllyruth18 Twitter: @ashllyruth Phone: +254736131843

In this issue Greater love: Understanding the love of God for us....Pg 4 The key to overcoming insecurity ...Pg 12 Eve: a woman who acted out of her free will ...Pg 15 Understanding the good, acceptable and perfect will of God ...Pg 21 The word of God: why you can't just ignore it ...Pg 29 For inquiries, feedback or questions please feel free to contact us Email: Phone: +254736131843 Website:

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