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Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment MED/HE012 | WARDCARE OVERBED TABLE Features and Benefits: Our wardcare overbed table has been widely appreciated by our clients worldwide. It consists of epoxy coated steel tubular frame work mounted on four twin wheels. The diameter of the non rusting castor wheel is 50mm. Durable. The top board is stainless steel. Product Size: Available overall approximate size of 1120mm x 450mm, W x 965mm. Top board 760mm x 450mm. MED/HE013 | INSTRUMENTS TROLLEY Features and Benefits: Tubular frame powder coated with two heavy S.S. shelves. Mounted on four castor's of 10cm. Protective railing on three sides around both shelves. With bowl and tray attachment. Product Size: 68 x 45 x 90cm. MED/HE014 | MEDICINE TROLLEY Features and Benefits: Lid hinges up. Dispensing tray. Phial rack. Product Size: Internal dimensions 485 x 460 x 290mm, sloping to 130mm at front. Writing flap 395 x 305mm. 5 Tier plastic rack, 390mm wide. Lower laminated shelf 405 x 380mm. MED/HE005 | STANDARD WHEELCHAIR Features and Benefits: Standard wheelchair 145

Medical Equipment MED/HE002 | MOBILE LAUNDRY BIN Features and Benefits: Round tubular steel frame. White Epoxy coated steel. 75mm swivel castor's. Heavy duty canvas bag. Product Size: 610mmø, H 885mm. MED/HE015 | AMBULANCE STRETCHER Features and Benefits: Can be used for ambulance and in the hospital as an ordinary push-cart to convey patients. It is an ideal piece of equipment for a hospital or medical aid center. Only one person is needed to load it onto or unload it from an ambulance. The folding design makes it easy to load or unload the product. After the stretcher is pushed into the ambulance, it can fold and lock itself automatically, and when it is being pulled out, the supports can be released automatically. Made of epoxy coated making it light without any impairment to its rigidness. Product Size: High position: 1920mm x 545mm x 835mm. Size of low position: 1920 x 545mm x 250mm. Maximum angle of the back: 55°; Maximum load: =160kg; Self weight: 43kg; With adjustable IV pole, 650mm 1150mm. MED/EA-6G | EVACUATION CHAIR Features and Benefits: The evacuation stair chair designed to allow a safe controlled descent of an individual from unlimited stories. Simple single person operation. 400* pound weight capacity. Safe, easy to open and super light weight. Product Size: Open: 90*52*136cm; Folded: 52*20*112cm; Self weight: 11kg; Loading: 160kg; Package: 53*21*114cm; G.W.:13kg. 146 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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