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Medical Kits P880 |

Medical Kits P880 | RESCUE (SPACE) BLANKET Features and Benefits: The rescue blanket is lightweight and can easily fit in your pocket. It traps body heat - keeps out the cold, rain, snow and wind. Keeps the body warm and maintains body temperature while waiting for EMS. For first aid, the rescue blanket is used to reduce shock, it keeps the patient warm, dry and clean. Wrap the patients body leaving the face uncovered. Product Size: 130cm x 210cm MED/PARA19A | MOUTH-TO-MOUTH PROTECTOR Features and Benefits: The mouth-to-mouth protector is a protection device used during the administration of CPR. It protects the rescuer's face from contact with the patient’s and vice versa. The one-way valve facilitates air movement to the patient’s lungs and prevents fluid transfer. MED/PARA01A | DELUXE PARAMEDIC BAG WITH SHOULDER HARNESS AND HANDLES Product Size: Features and Benefits: Contents: 1 outer bag with inner velcro attachment system; 1 drug bag with die-cut foam rubber drug protector. 15 inner bags of various sizes with velcro attachment system. Material: Outer bag: heavy duty PVC. Inner bags: Medium weight nylon. Colours: Blue, Red, Yellow and Black. MED/PARA31 | GREEN INTER-LOCKING SPLINTS Features and Benefits: Plastic. Green. L-shape. Straight. 147

Medical Kits P307 | EYEWASH BOTTLES Product Size: 250ml. MED/FAK09G | EYEWASH BOTTLES AND STATION Features and Benefits: Metal stand with mirror (Wall mounted). 2 Eyewash bottles (250ml). Product Size: 110mm & 290mm. MEDD/FAK18 | DIGITAL THERMOMETER Features and Benefits: Digital Thermometer. Easy to Read LCD Display. Takes 60sec, Beeps When Complete. Technical Data: CE Marked. MED/324 | STETHOSCOPE Features and Benefits: Dual Head Stethoscope. Optimum Acoustic Performance. Technical Data: CE Marked. 148 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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