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Medical Kits MED/323 |

Medical Kits MED/323 | LIGHT STICK Features and Benefits: Non toxic. Complete with attachment string. How to use: 1) Bend just until internal glass breaks. 2) Shake well to mix chemicals. 3) Keep sealed in foil until used. Product Size: 10mm x 150mm. MED/01A | HELP-IT FABRIC TAPE ON SPOOL Features and Benefits: Adhesive tape. Product Size: 25mm x 5m. MED/MPP01B | HELP-IT PLASTER Features and Benefits: Flexible fabric. Plaster 100’s. Stays-on adhesive. Assists natural healing Product Size: 72mm x 19mm. MED/Hi2008 | (N95) PARTICULATE AND SURGICAL MASK Features and Benefits: Superior Level of Filtration / Protection. Minimal Breathing Resistance. Simple to Use. Fits more face sizes correctly and comfortably. Strong and Durable Design. Meets WHO Guidelines for Protection. Against Infectious Diseases such as TB. 50 Respirators in a Box. 155

Medical Kits MED/SPILL PACK A | FOR BLOOD AND OTHER BODY FLUID SPILLS Features and Benefits: 1 X Pair disposable gloves. 1 x Disposable apron. 1 x 100ml Container NaDCC granules. 1 x Scoop & scraper. 1 x Chlorine- release tablets. 2 x Paper towels. 1 x Red disposable bag with tie. MED/ SPILL PACK B | FOR BLOOD AND BLOOD-STAINED BODY FLUID SPILLS Features and Benefits: 1 X Pair disposable gloves. 1 x Disposable apron.1 x Absorbent pad. 1 x Red plastic disposable bag. 4 x NaDCC 4,5g tablets. 1 x Red- patterned cloth. 1 x Disposable white cloth. (NaDCC diluter bottle to be purchased separately). Techncial Data: Do not use on chemical or urine spills. MED/MEASTK | ADHESIVE SKIN TRACTION KIT Features and Benefits: Components: The extension plaster combines a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive to give maximum adhesion with minimum allergy complications. The bandages provided in the kit aids adhesion of the extension plaster by compression to the limb. The spreader plate is firmly bonded to the plaster and transmits traction more effectively. The soft foam lining cushions the ankle joint and sides of the foot. The traction cords are made from strong, abrasion-resistant material and can easily be adapted for any standard method of skin traction. 156 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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