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Body Protection

Body Protection High-Visibility P1183NB | LIME BUNNY JACKET WITH REFLECTIVE TAPE Features and Benefits: The Enclosed High Visibility garment has been manufactured using Industrial Wash Reflective tape. The fabric is a Polyester cotton with cotton woven on the inside to ensure maximum comfit. Technical Data: EN471 Standard. Product Size: S-5XL. P233 | COLLAR JACKET LONG SLEEVE WITH ORANGE AERTEX AND LIME POLY PANELS AND SILVER TAPE Features and Benefits: Collar Jacket with 135gsm2 Orange aertex and Lime poly panels (RWT135O). Standard wash TS50 Silver Tape. The sleeves are detachable. The waist band is elasticated. Epaulettes on shoulders. Technical Data: Level 3 Garment. 181

Hospitality Body Protection P0314 0005 | CASSIO Features and Benefits: Chef cap. Material: 100 % cotton 245 g /m². Product Size: 54–60. P0314 0052 | HAT Features and Benefits: Paper work cap. Strong paper with perforated upper crown for better air ventilation. Suitable for printing. Material: Paper. Product Size: One size fits all. P0314 0006 | VOLANS Features and Benefits: Work cap. Material: 100 % cotton 245 g /m². 182 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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