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Introduction ARC Protection What is an ARC Flash? An ARC Flash is the sudden release of electrical energy through the air when a high-voltage gap exists and there is a breakdown between conductors. An ARC Flash gives off thermal radiation (heat) and bright, intense light that can cause burns. Temperatures have been recorded as high as 20 000°C. High-voltage arcs can also produce considerable pressure waves by rapidly heating the air and creating a blast. This pressure burst can hit a worker with great force and send molten metal droplets from melted copper and aluminum electrical components a great distance at extremely high velocities. What causes an ARC Flash? An ARC Flash can be spontaneous or result from inadvertently bridging electrical contacts with a conducting object. Other causes may include dropped tools or the buildup of conductive dust or corrosion. Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment A proper ARC Flash Hazard analysis needs to be done in order to determine the level of protection required. Are you safe from ARC Flash? When it comes to your safety, quality cannot be compromised. That's why Quality Safety is an industry leader in ARC Flash Protection. Quality Safety offers a complete line of tested and approved ARC Flash personal protective equipment and clothing. Using DuPont Protera inherently flame retardant fabrics we offer a line of clothing and ranging from 8 cal/ cm 2 to 100 cal/cm 2 . Our ARC Flash protective clothing is solid individually or in convenient kits. All Quality Safety ARC Flash safety products complies with SANS 724 requirements after being tested against required International Standards. Hazards Risk Category Cal/cm 2 Protective Clothing 0 0 - 1.2 cal/cm 2 Untreated Natural Fibre 1 1.2 - 4 cal/cm 2 FR Clothing, Minimum Arc Rating of 4 2 4 - 8 cal/cm 2 FR Clothing, Minimum Arc Rating of 5 3 8 - 25 cal/cm 2 FR Clothing, Minimum Arc Rating of 25 4 25 - 40 cal/cm 2 FR Clothing, Minimum Arc Rating of 40 Remember Voltage does NOT determine Hazard Category Levels What is ATPV? ARC Thermal Performance Value is defined as the Maximum Incident energy expressed in Cal/cm2 that the fabric can support before the wearer will suffer onset of second degree burns. 1.2 cal/cm2 is enough energy yo cause a 2nd degree burn on exposed human skin. This figure is statistically based on a minimum of 20 test results. The larger the ATPV the better the protection. 186 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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