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ARC Protection

ARC Protection FALL/DEL-ARC-FLAME/FULLBODY Features and Benefits: Nikki Arc-Rated products are designed to protect workers from a fall caused by electric arc-flash and arc blast exposure when working at heights. Nikki Arc Flash and flame resistant harness designed to meet specific needs of the utility industry. Ergonomic Nomex/Kevlar webbing. Top grain leather padding on shoulders, waist and legs. Leather design padding wraps around the wearer for the ultimate fit. All connector are aluminium and covered with top grain leather for insulation. Comes with double lanyard. Technical Data: Meets all applicable SANS Standards for fall protection. Product Size: M, L, XL. FALL/DOUBLE-SHOCK/LAN Features and Benefits: Double lanyard, shock absorber (covered with top grain leather), one captive eye aluminium carabiner and two aluminium pylon hooks. Technical Data: The lanyard also meets the SANS 50345/50355 standards. Meets requirements of ASTM F 887 for Arc Flash at 40cal/cm 2 . 189

ARC Protection P1799 | SURVIVE-ARC® POWERFLEX KNITTED GLOVE Features and Benefits: Survive-Arc® PowerFlex knitted glove, CAT 2, ATPV 12 cal/cm². Seamless knitted glove: flame-resistant (FR) and anti-static, with arc flash (ATPV 12 cal/cm²) and cut protection level 5. Flame resistant soft coating on palm and on fingers. Cuff elasticised knit wrist. Anti-static. Superior grip: Special soft pliable coating to ensure a sound grip in all conditions (oil, wet and dry). Comfort: Good for all day wear, increasing worker compliance, reducing chance of injury. Dexterity: Flexible comfortable fit provides the ability to manipulate small wires and parts. Ergonomic design. Industries: Utilities, construction, oil & gas, mining, petrochemical, manufacturing, machinery maintenance. Applications: Electrical wiring, equipment assembly, vehicle extrication, heavy duty metal handling and maintenance work. Product Size: Weight 13g. Length 225 – 260 mm. P1901 | SURVIVE-ARC® E20300 SAFETY BOOT (NON-METALLIC) Features and Benefits: Survive-ARC® E20300 safety boot (non-metallic). Full leather, non-metallic, safety half boot with laces, lining and padded collar. Comfortable modern design with energy absorbing heel, removable insole and puncture resistant textile midsole. The sole is non-slip, oil resistant, heat resistant to 300°C and additionally tested for electric shock resistance (dry conditions) up to 20kV. Sole electrical shock resistant (electrical hazard) up to 20kV. Sole system heat resistant up to 300°C. Puncture resistant textile mid sole. Non-metallic boot with comfortable fit, light weight causing less fatigue. General industrial environment, electrical maintenance and installation work, environments where worker’s safety footwear are exposed to flash fire and contact heat up to 300°C. Product Size: 4 - 13. P459 | FIRE-SAFE® THOROGOOD FIREFIGHTER BOOT Features and Benefits: Fire-Safe® Thorogood firefighter boot for structural firefighting and haz-mat operations. Black rubber fire fighter boot (wide), with yellow toe and band around outsole and silver retro-reflective band over metatarsal. Multi-purpose boot for the firefighting and haz-mat operations. Comfort fit. Hi-vis yellow for excellent visibility in daylight. Retro-reflective material for high-visibility at night and in poorly illuminated areas. White outsole make following easy in high smoke situations. Structural and other firefighting, emergency medical operations, rescue work where fire is a danger and hazardous material incidents. Product Size: 6 - 13. 190 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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