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Eye & Face Protection

Eye & Face Protection Goggles EY/AGL032-100-600JSP | FLIP FRONT WELDING GOGGLE Features and Benefits: Comfortable Flip Front Welding Goggle. HC Lens. Maximum wearer comfort. Technical Data: EN166. EN175. EN169. EYE/AGS020-54N-800JSP | GOGGLE, STEALTH 9100 - BLUE AND ORANGE Features and Benefits: The new soft dual injection goggle provides a soft comfortable universal fit with a high level of protection from splash, dust & impact. Stealth 9100 Goggle comes complete with black soft elasticated military style protection sleeve to prevent the lens becoming scratched when not in use. The lens is coated with a high quality class leading Anti-Mist (N) coating for excellent anti-mist and scratch resistance. Clear lens also blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation. Technical Data: EN166.3.4.B.T.N. P1718 | ULTRA VISION Features and Benefits: Anatomical shape and soft material allow close, yet comfortable fit. Fits comfortably over most prescription spectacles. Nose bridge works well with respirators. Frosted top to reduce glare. High-quality, easily adjustable headband. Perfect fit by duo component technology. An innovative ventilation system. Lens replacement possible. Compatible with other PPE. Synthetic headband, medium-energy B(120m/s). Material: PC. 22mm filter. Supravision excellence coating, clear lens. Technical Data: Weighs 130g. DIN EN166 + DIN EN170. P9308245 | U-SONIC Features and Benefits: Small goggle with light weight. Perfect fit by duo component technology. An innovative ventilation system. Lens replacement possible. Synthetic headband, low-energy impact B(120m/s). Material: PP/TPE. Compatible with other PPE. uvex supravision excellence coating. Clear, polycarbonate lens. Thickness 2,1mm. Technical Data: Weighs 69g. DIN EN166 + DIN EN170. 27

Goggles/Face shields Eye & Face Protection P9301.318 | UVEX FACE SHIELD Features and Benefits: Increased safety against liquids. Easy communication. Comfortable handling (opening, closing). Wearing of respiratory masks. 5 Notches. Suitable for all 9301 models with PC lenses. Technical Data: Clear, polycarbonate Lens. Thickness 1,5 - 2,0 mm. Weighs only 81g. P0502 0062 | UT Features and Benefits: Welding hand shield, variable grip mounting, visor 110 × 90 mm, DIN 10. Standard EN 166, EN 175. Technical Data: DIN 10; EN 166, EN 175. P0501 0378 | WELDGUARD SE 1140 Features and Benefits: Welding goggles with soft flexible facepiece, fixed rectangular clear lens and flip front welding lens, class F visors, indirect ventilation, fit over dioptric spectacles, protection against welding radiation, dark welding visor is not included. Standard: EN 166, EN 175. Technical Data: EN 166, EN 175. P0501 0380 | ARTWELD Features and Benefits: Welding goggles with flip circular visors, fit over dioptric spectacles, class F visors, protection against welding radiation, blue colour. Standard EN 166. Technical Data: Lens Class F; EN 166. 28 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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