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Eye & Face Protection

Eye & Face Protection Face shields FACE/G-NAVB-NAVY-CG-P170JSP | FACESHIELD, AVENGER WITH 170MM POLY VISOR Features and Benefits: Avenger Delux face shield. Heavy duty industrial visor. Adjustable head harness. Integral Chin guard. Offers all round protection to the face area and to the sides including the temple area. Polycarbonate visor included. Technical Data: FACE/G-M8601JSP | WELDING, FULL FACE FLIP FRONT WELDING HELMET Product Size: 108mm x 83mm flip front lens Features and Benefits: Flip front Welding Helmet. Technical Data: EN166. EN169 EN175 P542 QS | EYE VISOR Product Size: 240mm x 158 mm. Features and Benefits: Visor attaches to hard hat to provide protection against light particles. Technical Data: Plastic. Fits under safety cap. 31

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