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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Introduction There are 4 steps to choosing your respiratory protection: 1. Identify the hazards Respiratory: dust, metal fume, gas, vapour etc. Other neck-up: head, eye, face, hearing etc. 3. Select the right respirator Disposable, reusable, half mask, full face, powered air, supplied air and right filter if appropriate. 2. Assess the risk Assess the hazard levels against safety standards and consider other protection e.g. skin, eye, face, head and body. 4. Training in Fitting and Use Through our network of premium suppliers, we offer training on the correct use and appropriate maintenance of the PPE, which makes a major contribution towards ensuring that it provides effective protection. Our experiences sales and technical teams will help you make the most of your products. 51

Introduction Respiratory Protection Disposable Respiratory Protection 52 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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