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Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection Reusable P0704 0068 / 0070 / 0069 / 0067 / 0071 / 0066 | FILTERS FM9500, HM8500 Features and Benefits: The filters are intended for use with half masks HM8500 and full face masks FM9500. The Spirotek filters are equipped with a bayonet closure and a special protective guard ensuring the protection of the filter against splash and sparks. The filters against solid particles and against gas and vapours and combined filters Spirotek 2 have a long useful life and ensure a low breathing resistance. The range of filters Spirotek 2 includes the P3 filter against solid particles, A2 and ABEK1 filters against gas and vapours, and combined filters A2P3 and A1B1E1K1P3. Technical Data: EN 143, EN 14387. P0704 0061 / 0060 / 0059 / 0064 | FILTERS FM9000 Features and Benefits: Particle, gas and combined cartridges from the Spirotek range use a safety bayonet locking mechanism and feature unique protective covers with recessed inlet grilles. The covers protect the filters from splashes and sparks. Filters are positioned with the inlet grilles to the rear for good balance and an unobstructed field of vision. Spirotek filters feature exceptionally low breathing resistance. They are light in weight and their capacity exceeds the requirements of EN 14387: 2004. All filters are tested on the automated production line. Spirotek include: P3 particle filter, A2 and A2B2E2K2 gas filters and combined filters A2-P3 and A2B2E2K2P3. Technical Data: EN 148-1, EN 14387: 2004. P0704 0073 | PREFILTERS F9000 Features and Benefits: Prefilters for the filters Spirotek F9000 prolong a period of usage of these filters. Each set consists of 2 holders and 6 prefilters. 69

Reusable Respiratory Protection P1063 | A2 CANISTER FOR ORGANIC VAPOUR Features and Benefits: Work facilitated for user. Safe: the user checks the proper installation via the audible click on its safety system. Safety and lasting protection. Easy ventilation. Technical Data: EN 14387. P2046 | CANISTER A1B1E1K1 P3 Features and Benefits: Work facilitated for user. Click Fit system. Easy ventilation. Durable product quality and efficiency. Technical Data: EN 14387. P487 | 3M CARTRIDGE FILTER ORGANIC VAPOUR / ACID GAS 6000 SERIES Features and Benefits: Good balance of weight on face. Excellent field of vision as a result of unique trapezoidal shape. Bayonet fitting ensures precise & safer locking. The 3M 6057B filter can be used in industries where excess levels of organic vapours and/or inorganic gases and acid gases are present in the workplace atmosphere. Lightweight - 100g each (nominal). Low breathing resistance. Technical Data: Tested and meets specifications to AS/NZS 1716:2003 Class A1B1E1 gas/ vapour filter when used with compatible 3M respirators. P486 | 3M PARTICULATE FILTER FFP3 Features and Benefits: The 3M Particulate Filter 5935 is used in conjunction with 3M 6000 series gas and vapour filters for protection against all particulates including highly toxic materials. Lightweight. Low breathing resistance. Excellent field of vision when fitted over the 3M 6000 series gas/vapour filter range. The following materials are used in the production of this product: Filter – Polypropylene; Mass of product = 3g. This product does not contain components made from natural rubber latex. Technical Data: This product meets the requirements of AS/NZS 1716:2003, Respiratory Protective Devices, as a P3 Particulate filter. 70 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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