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Hand Protection

Hand Protection Mechanical GL48-701ANS | EDGE 48-701 Features and Benefits: Good dexterity and flexibility. High cut protection and abrasion level. Good grip in dry environment. Palm dipping provide good protection against oil compared to a knitted or cut and sew glove. Technical Data: EN388. Rating 4342. GL48-703ANS | EDGE 48-703 Features and Benefits: Good dexterity and flexibility. Medium cut protection and abrasion level. Good grip in dry and slightly oily environments. The leather pad provides extra safety in terms of grip, cut protection and cushioning during stamping applications. Technical Data: EN388. Rating 4543. EN407 Heat X1XXXX. GL82-133ANS | EDGE 82-133 Features and Benefits: Manufactured with a thinner Nitrile formulation that increases comfort and improves flexibility without compromising protection. Offers textured fingertips to provide an improved grip for a variety of applications. Packed 300 gloves per dispenser box to provide additional value and convenience. *250 pieces/ dispenser for size XL. Technical Data: EN374. Liquid proof. GL27-602ANS | HYCRON 27-602 Features and Benefits: A big tough glove for a rough, tough life: three times more durable than heavy-duty leather. Unique Ansell Nitrile formulation. Offers superior resistance to sharp and abrasive materials. Stronger and more flexible than PVC. Also excellent barrier to grease and oil, and does not degrade like leather or cotton. Made without silicone. Guaranteed clean for metals and motor manufacture. Wide selection of styles, lengths and sizes. Allows you to choose the optimum combination of features for your particular application. Technical Data: EN388. Rating 4221. 93

Mechanical Hand Protection GL11-423ANS | HYFLEX11-423 Features and Benefits: Seamless knitted glove, gauge 13. Made from high performance and high visible fibres, using Techcor® Knotted Technology. Palm fit coating. Water based process environmentally friendly innovative coating. Silicone-free. Water and oil repellent treatment on both liner and coating. Good abrasion and blade cut resistance. Heat resistant up to 100 O C. This glove offers an indicator button (orange) which belong to a range of colour code corresponding to a cut level: 1 (green), 3 (orange), 5 (red). Technical Data: EN388. Rating 4332. EN407 Heat X1XXXX. P6605 | UVEX UNILITE Features and Benefits: A lightweight knitted glove with breathable Nitrile foam coating. Good secure grip. Breathable coating. Good mechanical abrasion resistance. Very good dexterity right to the fingertips. Precision assembly work. Small parts assembly. Inspection. Sorting. Technical Data: EN 388. Rating 4121. Product Size: 7-10. P6659 | UVEX UNIDUR FOAM Features and Benefits: The HPPE and glass fibres of the uvex unidur 6659 foam ensure very high cut protection. These mottled grey safety gloves are particularly dirt-resistant and the NBR foam coating protects against moisture. Excellent dexterity, high abrasion resistance. High flexibility. High resistance time. Excellent cut protection. Automotive industry. Metal work industry. Packaging. Technical Data: EN388. Rating 4543. P2057 | UVEX IMPACT 1 Features and Benefits: The perfect glove for the oil and gas industry: uvex IMPACT 1. Designed for rugged use, with velcro cuff, extra-padded palm, back of the hand TPR-protectors protect bones and knuckles from bumps and knocks, same applies to the reinforcements on the knuckle joints. High cut resistance and perfect grip properties make the uvex IMPACT 1 the perfect glove for the toughest environments. Exceptional abrasion resistance and cut protection; Flexibility and secure grip; Knuckle protectors; Excellent fit. Tasks with extreme mechanical stress. Drilling. Mining. Tool pushing. Oil and gas industry. Heavy construction. Technical Data: EN388 (4553). Product Size: 7-10. 94 Select PPE Protecting People Everyday

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