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(Review) Lingo Bus - an online Mandarin Chinese teaching platform

Lingo Bus - an online Mandarin Chinese teaching platform

(Review) Lingo Bus - an online Mandarin Chinese teaching

Lingo Bus - an online Mandarin Chinese teaching platform There's no doubt that learning a second language can help your children with their future development. As a teacher and a foreign language learner, I myself believe that all parents should encourage their children to learn at least one other language. For me, I decided to let my 7-years old son go with Mandarin Chinese, the language spoken by the largest proportion of the population in the world! Because I am quite busy at work, I want my kids to take after classes which are not fixed in time and place, so they and I would be able to choose when to have classes according to our schedule. Considering this, online education suit us well. One of my colleagues at school recommended the online platform Lingo Bus, which is a program under VIPKID, a rapidly-developing online teaching company in China. They provide 1-on-1 Mandarin Chinese classes to children aged from 5 to 12. But taking online lessons is a new experience for me and my son. So I have done some research on Lingo Bus. It turned out that this is a trustworthy language education provider! My years of teaching experience enables me to judge whether a program is good or not. Below are some of my findings.

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