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(Review) Lingo Bus - an online Mandarin Chinese teaching platform

Lingo Bus - an online Mandarin Chinese teaching platform


Lingo Bus provides 1-on-1 100% immersive Chinese classes. Each class lasts for 25 minutes. During each class, a professional Chinese tutor (who is also a native Chinese speaker) will teach your children "face to face"! Immersion program has been proved as one of the most effective language teaching methods, especially for children. Lingo Bus' curriculum is in accordance with ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), as well as YCT (Youth Chinese Test, the official guidance issued by China on Chinese as a second language). Each class is designed around an integrated teaching-learning system that contains not only a 25-minute 1-on-1 class, but also engaging preview videos and review materials. They also provide a variety of supplementary extracurricular materials to guide students’ self-study. There is a comprehensive student-centered evaluation system includes personalized feedback after every class as well as periodic progress reports. The teacher is always very, if not the most, important to the success of a teaching program. Lingo Bus selects and monitors their teaching staff to ensure the high quality. All teachers at Lingo Bus have got at least a bachelor's degree in teaching Chinese as a second language, or in linguistics. And all teachers have at least one year's teaching experience. Besides, all the teachers will get continuous professional development support provided by the company.

Speaking of online classes, you might worry about problems such as slow internet connection, low communication efficiency, and so on. I was the same! But this should not be a concern when for Lingo Bus. They have an interactive online platform via which students can draw, type, and interact visually with teachers. Students only need access to an internet browser on PC/Mac or an iPad. This makes it easy to attend classes with no complicated setup process involved. Lingo Bus has purchased traffic data on the trans-Pacific data cable to ensure our classes run fluently and smooth. The best thing is the flexibility! A Flexible schedule combined with fast and easy booking makes it easy to fit learning around almost any schedule a student has. Moreover, each phase of the curriculum is designed with interdisciplinary themes to promote students’ curiosity for the Chinese language and promotes multi-culture exploration, with the goal to develop and enhance their multiple areas of intelligence and learning styles. My son tried the free demo class and loved it! The teacher was super patient and used different ways to encourage him to speak. And the online classroom is very fast and really multifunctional.

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