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PAGE 14—SUNDAY VANGUARD, APRIL 8, 2018 By Emmanuel Una, Calabar Mr Eyo Ekpo was Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice in Cross River State during Governor Donald Duke’s administration. Ekpo drafted the law that created new Bakassi out of the three Ikang wards of Akpabuyo. In this interview, he speaks on the Supreme Court ruling of February 26, 2018 on the delineation of boundary by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, in the area The judgment of February 26 on the case between Bakassi/ Akpabuyo and INEC has seen both sides claiming victory. What do you think about the judgment? To get a clear perspective on that judgment by the Supreme Court requires a bit of background history. The decision by the Supreme Court was based on Law No 7 of 2007 that was passed in the dying days of the Duke administration. That law essentially reset the boundary of Akpabuyo Local Government Area to accommodate the people of Bakassi that left Cameroon as a result of the ruling of the International Court of Justice, ICJ, at the Hague. The ICJ case started in 1994. It was Cameroon that took Nigeria to the court and we submitted to the jurisdiction and one thing with the ICJ is that you don’t have to submit yourself to its jurisdiction but once you do, you are bound to accept its ruling because it is a United Nations court. The case was about recreating the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon. What people do not know is that we had a good chunk of that judgment in our favour but what we did not get was the part that affects us here in Cross River State: The area called Bakasssi Peninsula that was excised and given to Cameroon. The boundary delineation started from Borno through Adamawa to Taraba, down to the Bakassi and part of that area was cut off and given to Cameroon and that was the Bakassi Local Government Area. The people that lived there were given the choice of remaining in Cameroon or coming back to Nigeria; of course most of them opted to come home to Nigeria and to ameliorate their suffering, Cross River State government, that had the constitutional power to readjust boundaries of local governments, passed Law 7 of 2007 which readjusted Akpabuyo Local Government Area to excise three wards of Ikang and named them Bakassi. So what is the crux of the matter now between INEC and the people who took the agency to court? Now, the law being passed and the area becoming Bakassi, we have to remember that there exists the federal constituency called Akpabuyo/Calabar South/ Bakassi with a member in the National Assembly representing those three local government areas. Because of the Bakassi decision, the boundary of that constituency was affected but the state government does not have the power to adjust federal constituency, that is an Independent Electoral Commission’s responsibility and they have not done that. So three clan heads of Bakassi took INEC to court insisting that the •Eyo Ekpo B-A-K-A-S-S-I Our people lost their ancestral land to Cameroon, now they may lose their right to political representation – Ekpo, Ex-Attorney General • On M T Mbu’s claim: Obasanjo had no reason not to hand over peninsula Having lost their source of livelihood should not, at the same time, mean loss of their right to political representation delineation of boundary automatically was also delineation of federal constituency. The case went from the High Court to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court, in its ruling, said the delineation of boundary by the Cross River State House of Assembly was right and proper under Sections 4 and 7 of the Constitution. It said, however, that, that does not automatically mean that the federal constituency boundary lines have been redrawn for the purpose of election on which INEC should depend. The ruling said that, going by Sections 112, 113, and 114 of the Constitution, that power is resident in INEC. However, what is important is that the court also counselled INEC, as a matter of urgency, to activate its power under Sections 112, 113, 114 of the Constitution to do the needful by delineating the Bakassi and Akpabuyo boundary based on the 2007 law bearing in mind that the people of Bakassi have lost their land and are now refugees in their own country. Having lost their source of livelihood should not, at the same time, mean loss of their right to political representation. This could be their consolation. There should be no grandstanding. This clarion call on INEC could not have been more timely than now when the country is gearing for the 2019 elections. The court’s ruling did not compel INEC to delineate the boundary; the order is advisory. What if INEC fails to do it? The court’s call on INEC “to as a matter of urgency “delineate the boundary between Akpabuyo and Bakassi is advisory but INEC should obey. The Supreme Court’s verdict is based on whether or not the people of Bakassi need political representation but when you read the judgement, you will see that the people of Bakassi do not have representation because INEC has not delineated their boundary which they should. Technically, the Bakassi area that was in Akpabuyo/Bakassi/Calabar South federal constituency is now in Cameroon and INEC cannot go to that area to conduct election for the people of Bakassi. Like the court said, if you conduct the 2019 elections without delineating the boundary, the people of Bakasssi will not be part of the elections. The point made by the judgment is that if the 2019 elections are conducted without INEC delineating the boundary between Bakassi and Akpabuyo, the Bakassi people will all be disenfranchised because INEC cannot go to Cameroon to conduct election for the Bakassi Local Government Area which has been excised into Cameroon. What role is the state government expected to play at this point? It is regrettable that the state government allowed this case to go that far. The state government with the redrawing of the boundary should have made representation to INEC to explain what has happened. Now the Supreme Court says ‘do the needful, redraw the boundary of this federal constituency so that you can conduct elections for the people who have been displaced from their ancestral home by the ICJ judgement’. He who knows where the shoe pinches should be one to take measures to redress it. I urge the Attorney General of the state to advise the governor properly so that the people can vote. With this Supreme Court ruling, the member in the House of Assembly representing Bakassi is in jeopardy unless INEC acts. The court has given advice where necessary. Let political leaders including the Speaker of the House act on it and convince INEC to do the needful. It will show the focus and passion by those who advise the governor. Can INEC do this within the short time for them to conduct credible 2019 elections? Will an election be credible if an entire local government is disenfranchised? Let all the agencies, Boundary Commission, INEC, act on the issue now. The late Chief M T Mbu, in his book published posthumously, said former President Obasanjo gave out Bakassi to win Nobel Peace Prize. What do you think? The case started in 1994 but the judgement came during Obasanjo’s time. What personal interest did Obasanjo have by obeying the court’s ruling? Nigeria did not have to submit to the jurisdiction of the ICJ but it did and, when the judgment came, Obasanjo had to obey. If he had not, the UN would have excluded the country from every of her organs. So there was a cost. China has never submitted to the jurisdiction of the ICJ but Nigeria did and had to obey the judgment. Obasanjo and Paul Biya went to one small park in New York called Green Tree to discuss the protocol to implement the ICJ judgment; he did not hand over the Bakassi to Cameroon. He did not cause the problem; so blaming him is not necessary.

We caught fetish pastor in broad daylight – Primate Ademisokunun-Tur urton •Says Cherubim and Seraphim Church members have the gift to see tomorrow BY DAYO JOHNSON, Regional Editor, South-West P rimate (Dr) Ade Ademisokun-Turton, aka “ Onibode”, is the President of Ondo State Unification of Leaders of Cherubim and Seraphim Church and founder of Success Gate C&S Christ’s Church International with headquarters in Akure. He speaks, in this piece, on the church convention and 34 th anniversary, the unification of C&S, leadership challenges, among others. The church is planning a special annual convention. What is the essence of the convention.? The convention is in fulfilment of what can be described as pass-over because convention started in Egypt before Israelites stated their journey to Israel. It was an ordinance and it was supposed to be an annual festival. For years, we’ve been having that convention and God is showing his power and faithfulness. How long has this church been in existence and what do you hope to achieve in this anniversary? The church is 34 years and much has been achieved in terms of spread which can be attributed to the efficacy of BY SCHRIS ONUOHA edi Cosmetics Limited has concluded plans to host the maiden edition of Lagos Beauty Summit at the Landmark Event Center, Victoria Island, Lagos. The event, holding under the theme, “The Power of More”, will be attended by about 250 beauty enthusiasts, international and local beauty experts, cosmetic manufacturers and celebrities in the music and movie industry in July. Chief Executive Officer of Seddy Cosmetics, Temitope Sedi, speaking on the event, said: “The summit among other things will address the prevailing challenges facing consumers, retail and brand forces that are profoundly and permanently changing the industry. It prayers. The impact of the prayer is manifesting in the lives of people changing to Christ and, not just changing but also accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. That is our main calling and, since then, we’ve been able to have schools,hospitals and television programmes. We are currently in the United States, United Kingdom, across Europe, South Africa and we are spreading across Nigeria. There is this perception that Cherubim and Seraphim Church is fetish. Yes, I have heard about it . There is no doubt about that fact , that the perception exist. But the truth of the matter is that people may pretend not to know the truth. People know that Cherubim and Seraphim Church is from and of God. Hardly will you any family in the South-West that has not had members in Cherubim and Seraphim Church at one time or another. But because there was no central control for the church, every Tom, Dick and Harry started founding the church. Then you have the church usher becoming a founder . That’s where we missed it. But the spirit of God is still in the church .One of the reasons we have the issue of proliferation is the fulfilment of the Bible itself. If Cherubim and Lagos hosts Beauty Summit in July appears that we don’t appreciate our beauticians. While the entertainment celebrities receives awards, nobody has accorded such recognition to our beauticians that make the celebrities look beautiful. This is to create awareness about the opportunities and potentials in this multibillion dollar industry. It will also nurture the culture of buying more of made-in- Nigeria beauty products while creating a movement of beauty enthusiast that will do more for the sustainability of the industry. More than 20 speakers will share their perspective on how consumer dynamics of wanting more is resetting business strategy; the power of collaboration and how retailers are reinventing the shopping experience”. Seraphim Church is not a genuine church, it will not be spreading across the globe, but people recognize it as genuine way to really seek the face of God, get solution to their problems because we are gifted to see tomorrow. People want to solve their problems and they want to know what is ahead of them, that is one of the reasons we have impostors and charlatans within the C&S. We are genuine Christians because we are original. The church is the first pentecostal church in Africa. So, you will only counterfeit what is worthwhile. What are doing as the President of the unification of the church to control charlatans that you mentioned? We are doing streamlining and it is yielding result. Not too long ago, we closed down about four churches because we don’t want them to keep tarnishing the image of C&S. We caught one of the boys who was fetish in broad day light ,everything he relied upon was burnt publicly and in his presence. The fear of our unification is the beginning of wisdom in the Cherubim and Seraphim now. In fact, they too are fighting back, they are trying to blackmail us, they are saying evil of us and even orchestrating what can smear our Delta Community Commends Lawmaker Over Transformer The people of Adeje in Okpe Local Government Area of Delta State have commended Delta Central senatorial aspirant and member representing Okpe, Sapele, Uvwie Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Evelyn Omavowan Oboro, for provideing 500KVA transformer to the community. Mr. Moses Opuoru, President General of Adeje; Hon. David Agbaminor, The people of Ukhomuyio Community in Okpella Clan, Etsako East Local Government Area of Edo State are to institute an annual award programme to honour good behaviour and commendable service. Mr.Sam S.O Afemikhe, the new National President of the community, who made this known in his acceptance speech immediately after the election and inauguration of a new executive committee for the community on Easter Sunday in Okpella, told the mammoth crowd of all sons and daughters of the community from far and near and the village heads and chiefs gathered at the Erame Primary School, Ukhomuyio, Okpella, for the election and enthronement of the new leaders that good behaviour and councilor representing Okpe Local Government Area Ward 15; Comrade Lucky Otareko; and Youth Leader of Adeje, Comrade Lucky Oghenetega Otareko, who made the commendation on behalf of the people during the 10th Annual Conference/Launching of N10 million development fund of Adeje, thanked the lawmaker for always coming to their aid. The trio described Oboro as a commendable service to the community will be rewarded through an annual award programme. “It has become common for a few people to resort to criminality and violence to resolve issues. While we plead for dialogue and fraternal resolution of issues rather than resorting to criminality, we will ensure that criminals are punished as set out by the law of the land. “Good behaviour and commendable service to the community will also be rewarded through an Annual Award Programme,” the Lagos-based renowned accountant said. Afemikhe hinted that to bring back sustainable peace, unity and progress in the community, the existing structures would be reviewed and •Primate (Dr) Ade Ademisokun-Turton lawmaker that stands by her words, adding that few days before the conference, they received a call from her that the Adeje transformer was one of her numerous constituency projects, and that she will come to explain in details of how she influenced the project to the community. They promised on behalf of Adeje to vote for the lawmaker as Delta Central senator come 2019. Earlier, Oboro promised to do her best to ensure that Adeje gets its own fair share from her numerous constituency and SUNDAY VANGUARD, APRIL 8, 2018, PAGE 15 name ,but we are not bothered; we are going ahead because we have an assignment that must be accomplished and God has been supporting us. Another thing we are doing is to do the census of the church. We want to know how many C&S we have around and we are investigating the origin of their founders because we discovered that there are some people who have never been to C&S before, but are now founders. Even now that we have the unification that is so strong and powerful ,we still have a group of charlatans. We call them Cherubim and Seraphim Boko - Haram. We are still talking to them. We don’t want to go to war with them . Repentance is what is required. We are talking to them, that this will not last: Extorting and exploiting people, deceiving people in the name of church and smearing the name of genuine anointed men of God .Many of them are changing but some of them are still adamant . We’ve warned them but if they continue tarnishing the image of the church, we will have no option than to prosecute them according to our law and statutes. Now we’ve been able to address our dressing system . In the past some people will dress like a masquerade and the time of our service is refined now. We don’t want to disown them and that is why we opened a special Bible class for them. So, if any of them want to do the work of God, there are vacancies in the house of God but they need to be trained. Then, those who are not called should stay away from deceiving people and should tell us that what they are interested in. We need volunteers, who will help to bring these fake pastors to the minimum, fake pastors are all over the place now, both in the professions and churches, including the police and the army because there is poverty in the land. influenced projects. She noted, “In my first term I brought health centre to Adeje community, while in this my second term, I, in conjunction with the Supervisor for Environment, Okpe Local Government Area, Mr. Lucky Ofominyor built the water project in between the community town hall and the market, so that traders can easily access portable water”. The lawmaker further said, “Senator Omo-Agege can be enjoying the mandate of the PDP because the man PDP voted for went to sleep. As for me nobody can steal my mandate or transformer. I will soon commission all my projects here in Adeje”. Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State receiving a copy of the speech presented by the Abigborodo Community Trust Chairman, Comr. Monday Agbeyi., during the governor's commissioning of Alema Morden College, Abigborodo. Ukhomuyio, Okpella to Honour Good Behaviour - Afemikhe revamped and at the same time tipped them off on the expectations of his administration: “It is my firm belief that Ukhomunyio will move forward with efficient and effective systems based on focus, accountability, transparency, fairness, equity, probity, justice and progress for all its sons and daughters. We will work without any iota of discrimination”. The community under his watch, he added, shall carry out an audit of its mineral resources, harness them efficiently and effectively and create a revenue sharing formula that would adequately reward the village heads, titled chiefs, youths and ensure the development of the community in terms of school repairs, engagement of quality teachers to support teaching and learning in the schools, support for students, provision of basic healthcare facilities and bore holes, among others. He charged the people to see him as National President to all Ukhomunyio sons and daughters and not to a section or select few, appealing that they whole heartedly work with his executive not only to put Ukhomuyio on the map for positive things and not criminality but to make it a pace setter in Edo State and the country as a whole. Other members of the Ukhomwunyio Executive Committee are Hon. Charles A. Ikhumesomi, 1st National Vice President, Hon. Luke Obalo, 2nd National Vice President, Pastor Expedite action on Festac Link Bridge, lawmaker tells contractor BY TONY NWANKWO Member, representing Amuwo- Odofin Federal Constituency, Lagos State, at the House of Representatives, Hon. Oghene Emma Egoh has called on the CCECC, the Chinese contractor handling the Festac Link Bridge, declared unfit for vehicular traffic, last year, to expedite action in order to save Festac residents the agony of the traffic jam caused by the ongoing repairs. Speaking when he visited the site, Hon. Egoh said his office had been inundated with enquiries from members of his constituency, on why the repair was going on snail speed, even when the link bridge was the only access route outside Festac Town to Apple Junction, Apapa - Oshodi- Expressway and adjoining areas. While thanking the workers on site, Egoh asked the contractor to accelerate the level of work on the bridge as the slow pace was causing untold hardship and suffering on the residents, who are now forced to use a single lane for those exiting and others entering the sprawling community. “This link bridge is the life-wire of vehicular traffic to and from Festac Town, it is regrettable that the repair work had been on a very low pace”, Oghene said, adding, “It is hoped the CCECC will accelerate their work and ensure that the repairs are concluded in good time”. It will be recalled that the link bridge was declared unfit for vehicular traffic following the collapse of a loaded petrol tanker, which ignited a large inferno on the bridge, destroying properties worth millions of Naira. The authorities then had said the burning tanker damaged the structural works of the bridge itself. Warri coalition endorses Mulade Apolitical pressure group in Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State, Warri South-West Political Coalition Movement, WSWPCM, has declared that Comrade Sheriff Mulade, an aspirant for Warri South-West Constituency, Delta State House of Assembly for 2019, will sustain the peace being enjoyed in the area, attract development as well as foster unity among the various ethnic groups in the area. WSWPCM group which had earlier endorsed Mulade, reemphasized their position saying that the aspirant will be the voice of the voiceless, make the constituency proud and attract development to Delta State and Nigeria at large. Spokesman of , WSWPCM, Mr Ogugu Ebisinde in a statement, appealed to political leaders in the local government area and in the state to give Mulade the much needed support to emerge as the local government area candidate, saying he is their choice and beacon of hope to represent the area in 2019. Sam Afemikhe Eshioramhe M.O. Eshioguemhe, National Secretary, Comrade Jimoh I. Goodluck, 1st Assistant National Secretary, and Mr. Rato F.I. Inabefo, 2nd Assistant National Secretary. Others are Engr. Mathew Okun, Financial Secretary, Mr. Victor.I, Balogun, Treasurer, and Emmanuel Kolawole Okhakhu, Public Relations Officer.