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2018 OLBA Annual


2018 Annual - Administration 11 RECONCILE MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS If you have more members than you paid for, remit OLBA affiliation fees for the additional members no later than August 31. CREDIT REQUEST: August 31 - Final request for credit of affiliation fees if membership is lower than previous year (credit applied to invoice the following year). No credit allowed after August 31. CLUB EXECUTIVE UPDATE: Send changes to your executive by e-mail or mail before November 1. This information is needed to update the database and will be used for club mailings, e-Bulletin distribution and in preparation of the OLBA Annual. Please check your club information in the annual and posted on the web site. OLBA membership awards will be presented at the fall meeting based on the reports from the database. Membership Recruitment Assistance for OLBA Clubs Recruiting methods that have long term success and the potential to bring larger numbers of people into your club. Rock and Bowl Program: a league for curlers at your bowling club Lawn Bowling Demonstrations: how to find the right venue for your demonstration; how to use a draw for a prize and trial memberships to gather contact information; how to pull these people into your club and finally how to get them to join as regular members. Trial Memberships: as part of a draw, an offer to a specific group or as part of a larger promotion. Lawn Bowling Benefit Communication Contest: Encourages people to think frequently about the benefits of lawn bowling activities. learn from other members about how these activities are beneficial to them; discover ideas as to how to communicate the benefits of the sport to potential new bowlers; Making 5 to 10 minutes speeches: find out which organizations members of your club belong to; arrange for an opportunity to speak at their next meeting for 5 to 10 minutes about the benefits of lawn bowling activities; invite the audience to come to your next Open House. OLBA will help by: (a) researching the area where the club is located; (b) help tailor a plan to a club's specific situation; (c) sendi written material to a club needing help; and (d) arranging a meeting with club reps or a group of clubs in the same area. Contact Ralph Ellis (

12 Administration - Ontario Lawn Bowls Association . The OLBA Memorial Fund was established to support the organization’s programs aimed at promoting the sport of lawn bowls and ensuring its longterm viability in Ontario. Based on available resources, the Fund supports activities in such areas as: Increasing public interest in lawn bowls; Marketing, member recruitment and member retention at the club level; Raising the skill level of lawn bowlers (e.g. player development camps); Development of programs for youth and continuing growth of existing programs for junior bowlers; Development of bowls programs for persons with disabilities; Technical support for improvements in the maintenance and development of greens. The Fund does not directly provide facilities or equipment to individuals, clubs or organizations. Contributions are used, for example: to organize seminars, workshops and development camps for players, coaches and umpires; to improve the capacity of clubs to recruit and retain members, develop new programs and sustain existing ones; to support clubs in efforts to establish and/or to maintain greens that, at the least, meet minimum standards in Ontario; to promote greater participation in championships at the District level (leading to Provincial championships and possible participation in National championships); to support new initiatives – e.g. intra-provincial match-play events – that contribute to player development and higher skill levels among bowlers. How To Contribute Personal or business cheques, travellers cheques and bank drafts are all acceptable. In addition to direct gifts, the programs benefiting from the Memorial Fund can be supported through instructions to an estate executor to remit contributions to the OLBA Memorial Fund or by a direct bequest in a will. A simple form for contributions to the Memorial Fund can be downloaded from the OLBA website ( Contributions should be mailed to the OLBA treasurer (contact information is available in the current year’s Annual).

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