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2018 OLBA Annual


2018 Annual - Championships 43 Senior Triples 2017-A District 5 Katherine Smith, Julia Farrell, Maureen Gibb 2017-B District 12 Helen Wright, Joyce Kruss & Hazel Joffe 2016 East District 12 Laila Hassan, Gloria Cheung, Zee Jones (Canadian Silver) 2016 West District 4 Glennis Keene, Shirley Schmidt, Marilyn Lancaster 2015-A District 9 Christine Wild, Mary Meldrum, Donna McCallum 2015-B District 5 Margaret Beacroft, Joan Way, Ruby Du Feu (Canadian Silver) Novice Pairs/Triples 2017 District 12 Ashley Irvine, Lan Tran 2016 District 11 Helen Snare, Patricia Dowse, Terry Knight 2015 District 6 Jennifer Lepere, Lorraine Lepere Ontario Champions Men’s Honour Roll (For earlier champions, see previous Annuals or OLBA Web site) Fours 2017-A District 11 Gordon Legacy, Martin Foxall, Earle Freidman David Llewellyn (Canadian Silver 2017-B District 6 David Houtby, Murray Wright, Barry Mills, Ian MacPherson 2016 East District 10 Steve McKerihen, David Anderson, Jeff Harding, Fred Wallbank (Canadian Gold) 2016 West District 5 Ernie Gersok, Remi Canuel, Tom Hoffman, Frank Francella 2015-A District 11 Gord Legacy, Martin Foxhall, Steven Miller, David Llewellyn 2015-B District 14 Robert Steffen, Alan Steffen, William McKechnie, Bob Matthews Pairs 2017-A District 12 David Steffen, Robert Steffen (Canadian Gold) 2017-B District 10 Steve McKerihen, Fred Wallbank 2016 East District 14 Robert Steffen, David Steffen (East Gold) 2016 West District 2 Kevin Jones, James Covell (Canadian Silver) 2015-A District 10 Steve McKerihen, Adam McKerihen 2015-B District 13 Ron O'Sullivan, Gary Butineau

44 Championships - Ontario Lawn Bowls Association Triples 2017-A District 2 Lyall Mix, Everett Zwiers, Scott Fisher 2017-B District 3 Wayne Wright, Jim Roth, Tom Roth (Canadian Silver) 2016 East District 14 Steve Naylor, Ken Bunner, John MacKenzie 2016 West District 6 Ryan Stadnyk, Chris Stadnyk, Wayne Wright (Canadian Silver) 2015-A District 7 Colin Thomson, Darryl Fitzgerald, Mike Wagner (Canadian Silver) 2015-B District 4 Brad Fleming, Larry McLellan, Len Boreham Singles 2017 District 7 Mike Wagner 2016 District 14 Robert Steffen 2015 District 7 Mike Wagner Senior Triples 2017-A District 9 Glen Patton, Archie Marshall, Patrick May 2017-B District 12 Rick Tompkins, Bob Mathews, Jim Butler 2016 East District 9 Vince Donohoe, Glen Patton, Archie Marshall (Canadian Silver) 2016 West District 2 Chuck Townsend, Everett Zwiers, Bill Baxter (Canadian Bronze) 2015-A District 5 Charlie Lyle, Peter Clarke, Vern Lessard 2015-B District 5 Craig Powers, Bob Glass, Bob Marshall Novice Pairs/Triples 2017 Distirct 7 John Campbell, Wayne Martin 2016 District 5 Patrick Cote, Roger Berg, Jim McIntyre 2015 District 14 Lorne Schiele, Berkley Emmons Ontario Champions - Mixed Pairs 2017-A District 7 Darryl Fitzgerald, Kaitlin Ryan 2017-B District 5 Frank Francella, Maureen Francella 2016 East District 9 Patrick May, Donna McCallum (East Gold) 2016 West District 6 Joe Kinney, Trisha Bucknall (Canadian Bronze) 2015-West District 2 Jim Young, Sandy Ronson 2015-East District 9 Vince Donohoe, Sheila Lumley

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