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2018 OLBA Annual


2018 Annual - District Information 65 OCTOBER Dist. Date Club Format D3 1 Norwich WP/MP D6 3 Niagara-o-t-Lake WT/MT D14 3 Peterborough OP OCTOBER Dist. Date Club Format D6 6 Niagara Falls OP D9 6 Milton OF D6 14 Niagara Falls OP Abbreviations used in District Events Listings Women Men Mixed Open Fours WF F MF OF Triples WT T MT OT Pairs WP P MP OP Singles WS S ---- OS Jitney WJ J MJ OJ Novice Youth Open Triples Nv.OT Drawn Pairs Yth.DP Mixed Triples Nv.MT Open Pairs Yth.OP Open Singles Nv.OS Open Singles Yth.OS Open Pairs Nv.OP Yth.4-3-2-1

66 District Information - Ontario Lawn Bowls Association SCHEDULE OF DISTRICT PLAYDOWNS - 2018 District 1 May 26/27 9:00AM Chatham WS/S June 9/10 9:00AM Ridgetown WP/P June 30/July 1 9:00AM Windsor MP July 17/18 9:00AM Dresden Sr.WT/T July 28/29 9:00AM Tilbury Nv.WT/T Aug. 25/26 9:00AM Tilbury Nv WS/S District 2 May 26/27 8:30AM Lambeth WS/S June 9/10 8:30AM Sarnia WP/P June 30/July 1 8:30AM Elmwood MP July 17/18 8:30AM Lambeth Sr.WT/T July 28/29 8:30AM Elmwood Nv.WT/T August 25/26 8:30AM Sarnia Nv.WS/S Entries to be sent to the District Chair at least 3 days before the District Event $5.00 fee per player will be added to the OLBA entry fee District 3 Please add $5 per person to listed OLBA District Playdown Entry Fee Entries for all District Playdowns must be submitted to Derek McKie at least 65 hours prior to the start of the event. May 26/27 10:00 AM Norwich WS/S June 9/10 10:00 AM Woodstock WP/P June 30 10:00 AM Embro MP July 1 10:00 AM Embro MP July 17/18 10:00 AM Thamesford Sr. WT/T July 28/29 10:00 AM Simcoe Nv. WT/T Aug. 25/26 10:00 AM St. George Nv. WS/S District 4 May 26-27 9:00AM Seaforth WS/S June 9-10 9:00AM St. Marys WP/P July 7-8 9:00AM Exeter MP July 17-18 9:00AM Seaforth Sr.WT/T July 28-29 9:00AM Grand Cove Nv.WT/T Aug. 25-26 9:00AM St. Marys Nv.WS/S (Entries must be in *5 DAYS* before each District Playdown)

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